Highly regarded Gunnel gets his coveted Arkansas offer

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … ceives-of/

Richard, Gunnel talks a lot about A/M and was wondering your opinion considering his connections to Arkansas now that he has the Hogs offer?

Arkansas has a very strong chance here.

RD I know you mentioned it once already. But I see the 18’ and 19’ class with potential to be very, very good classes.

Just looking at the 19 class which could have
Burks 5 star from warren
Williams 5 star safety
Gunnel who is a high 4
Hunter Henry’s little brother

Just those 4 are significant guys with great chances to end up on the hill. I sure hope BB gets it together because I think him being around is key to getting these guys.

Until today I figured Grant to TAMU. Now I believe he will keep it in the family, become a Hog. And, I predict he will come in as the No. 1 rated QB in the nation, perhaps the No. 1 overall player. This kid is elite, believe me. Stay tuned.

I think it’s very possible that the 4 I mentioned are the highest ranked at their position. So a lot of 1s. BW, TB and GG for sure.