Highly drafted pitchers?

How are certain schools getting these highly drafted pitchers to school, Ginn at MSU and Hoglund, Ole Miss? Florida has had several in the past turn down the $$.

Has DVH gone away from recruiting the top pitchers because of the draft?

Will Caleb Bolden be back?

How can Tech have 2 tranfers be eligible in Bonnin and Murrell and the kid from TCU wasn’t?

Thanks in advance.

If they were on scholarship, and transfer, they lose a year. If they are walk ons or on straight academic, or their scholarships were cut, they don’t have to sit out.

Van Horn has not quit taking high draft potential, but there are times players put their signing number so high, pro teams pass.

Connor Noland did that. He told every team in an email he was going to college. So he was not drafted.

Andrew Benintendi did the same thing but Reds still gambled and took him in 31st round. He was always going to college.

Kumar Rocker (Vanderbilt) might well have been a first round draft pick. But his mother was determined that he would go to school. He will have had three years in the SEC (equivalent to pitching in AA ball) and be MUCH closer to making it to the show soon after he is drafted.

Mrs. Rocker is smart. My son in law coached a young man in HS who was committed to Vandy but accepted a late first round offer (supplemental) from the Padres. He bounced around the minors for 9 years and retired. His signing bonus was over a million. Great kid but never made it past AA. He did get his degree from Chattanooga but I image he regretted not going to Vandy.