Highlights from Vacation: Colorado Trip

Here’s a column about my vacation. Dudley is going to write about his in Spain. I can’t top going to Spain, but my trips to Colorado are pretty sweet. Cool weather and good friends abound. Here’s the column that I wrote yesterday on my first day back:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … efreshing/

How is Jeremiah doing? He is one the board members I respect a lot. Hope he has joined the new board. Nice story. I’m retiring next June and our first trip will be out west. Colorado is spectacular!

Gage is good. He and Ginger are expecting their first child in three weeks. It’s a boy, already named Wyatt. He will learn to fly fish. I will take him, if Jeremiah doesn’t.

We alway love it when Clay and (often Bill) come out. It is a special time with good folks all around. There is very little to almost no sports talk. It is about family, friends and fishing (not intense fishing - just fun) pretty well in that order. I deceided the first time Clay came out, that I would leave the Razorbacks out of it. That would be like asking a carpenter to build a house on his vacation.

I hope to be back there in a couple of weeks.

Oh yes, it is somewhat cooler in the mountains - I grabed my jacket one night, but it has been hot at our place, but not much humidity, and it cools off at night. You will grab for the blankee before daylight for sure.

One of the places we stayed did not have air conditioner. You just stay out at dinner a little later when you are staying at a place like that. And leave the windows open. By morning, you wish you could figure out how to close the windows. That was at the west end of the gates to Rocky Mountain National Park. Not sure elevation, but it was up there a bit. I wore two layers fishing at Crosho Lake in the Flat Tops. That was with cloud cover and a mist in the morning. When the sun popped out, I took a layer off. Still, it was pleasant.

We stayed in the basement (very nice) at Gage’s place. It was a little on the cool side down there. I put the blankets on the bed. That’s a little different in late July.

I do let Jim Daniel ask football questions. He didn’t ask any this year. I guess I could offer to answer some and he might jump in there.

I do remember I used to give him one when we’d camp at the high lakes in the national forest. We’d be on our cots in the tent about to go to sleep. He’d ask one. He asked about the kicking game. I talked awhile and thought he was out. He wasn’t. He was listening to every word. When I got to the deep snapper, I thought that was enough. And stopped. And didn’t hear another word from him. At breakfast he said something about the deep snapper. So I knew he had been listening very closely.