High speed chase

As I walked out of Bud Walton Arena tonight, I couldn’t help but notice close to a dozen police cars with lights and sirens roaring down MLK, south of the arena.

Obviously I knew something was up, but I got in my truck and began to drive home. I live west of I-49, but almost never take the interstate home; usually I drive north across campus and take the back roads. For whatever reason, tonight I would up getting on the interstate and that’s when things got interesting.

Long story short, the police were assisting in a high speed chase. As I was getting on the interstate, I could see several police lights beginning to get on a mile or so behind me, probably the exit to Hwy. 71 near Drake Field. I continued to drive, thinking the police would get off at MLK and follow the others, but it didn’t take long before they were almost caught up with me.

The car they were pursuing, an SUV, whizzed right by me, probably going around 100 mph.

Based on the reports I have since heard, the chase began in Bella Vista and continued up and down 49 and through the streets of Fayetteville. Mind you, this was all happening within a short time after the game ended, perhaps through some of the postgame traffic.

Fortunately, I haven’t heard of any accidents caused by it. It was scary to see first-hand, though.

I wonder if any of you who went to the game saw it, too?