high schooler wins 5.8 million concussion judgment after BB injury

all protocols followed and yet judgment rendered against school district. Interesting to me that CTE is being accepted as real by the public. Medically, I certainly believe in traumatic brain injury and future complications. Seems this should certainly tighten some sphincters and protocols for protecting injured athletes.

https://www.postandcourier.com/news/cha … 1ef85.html

We have become a society of ambulance chasers and jury’s are trying to become Robin Hood in the process. We are a sad group.

While I strongly agree with the premise of your post, there is a lesson to be learned. This will not be the last of these judgements and Arkansas entities that sponsor athletic programs will eventually be subject to similar lawsuits.

Did I just hear a call for new insurance bids? What about budget/cost of operations increases to cover these new expenses? What impact will this have on summer leagues and teams, etc.?

You have zero idea of the evidence this jury actually heard. Zero. Mock the jury system until one of your loved ones is traumatically injured. Then talk to us. Beyond ridiculous.

See below from the linked article — meaning the protocol really wasn’t followed. The kid was rushed. The jury believed that.

“But attorneys argued that he was rushed through that process and suffered another concussion within five weeks of his first injury, the statement said.

“The second concussion resulted in a permanent traumatic brain injury that has delayed Brett’s educational, social and emotional development,” the statement said.”