High school reunion (50th)

I am in Little Rock for the 50-year reunion of the LR Central High class of 1972. I have never been to any of the other reunions. I think there may have been two or three. They were always on a fall weekend. I tried to get Jean Ann to join me, but she has dog sitting duties (our lab and Becca’s lab). She wouldn’t know anyone because I haven’t maintained any ties to my classmates through the years.

She was mildly nervous about any possible old girl friends and was pleased when I wore my wedding ring for the first time in about five years. My ring knuckle has been swollen (assume it is swelling from old age) and it’s not easy to slide it on.

I did not have any serious romances among my high school classmates (although did date a girl from North Little Rock). So she does not have anything to worry about.

Interestingly, I went to the 50-year reunion of the 1970 state title basketball team a few years ago. I was a sophomore on that team. I was amused in that three or four cheerleaders attended. They were seniors when I was a sophomore and I considered them quite attractive back in the day (and very much unapproachable by me). I told Jean Ann they have not aged as well as she has. She reminded me that she is five years younger than them and two years younger than me. She was 21 when we married and I was 24.

There is a dance tomorrow night. I don’t recall going to any high school dances so don’t know what that was like. I did go to a few dances at UCA when disco was the rage. Gosh, it’s hard to recall 1972.


Mine was a few months back. Didn’t go due to not feeling to sporty. Send it into Ripley’s Believe or not but I’m feeling a lot better. We have a group that meets every month for lunch. I did make my first one ever last month. It’s was fun. I did recognize most of them. My class was nearly 600 so there is a bunch that still live around Ft Smith. Northside State champs in BB 1971 and FB 72 State Champs. The Late 60’s and 70’s was all about Coach Bill Stansel and Coach Gayle Kaundart.

Not sure if any are on here but I can say most of my class has not aged that well. Now I don’t visit with any but by the look of pics maybe a tad to many taters, LOL Please forgive me if this offends anybody!!

Tell Jean Ann you’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name. Pretty sure that was the No. 1 hit in 72.

I’ve got you beat by 4 years. It was sobering to me when I went to mine. 40% of my classmates were deceased.

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Great song. You could sing it.

parkview is having their’s this weekend too…see where the 2 schools are meeting for a joint dinner after the football games tonight at the IHOP off Chenal…get to wait 2 more years for Parkview’s 74 reunion

Fun night. American Pie is song I recall from that year. But my memory not great on that stuff.


Remember what Clay?? LOL

I was at my 50th 3 weeks ago tonight/Saturday. The weekend of the Missouri State game.

Actually, it was the 51st. We postponed last year’s gathering when Covid flared up in August and September.

Had a wonderful time. I was in charge of the music, so I spent some time in the summer months compiling various playlists that I could connect to the sound system. I had one for “general” music from the era (I used mid 60’s, when we were all beginning to be aware of music, to the early 70’s, when most of us were in college) which was played as people entered the ballroom for the cocktail hour prior to the banquet Saturday night (It was also played Friday afternoon as the ladies and gentlemen that were decorating the place were doing their thing). I had picked songs specifically for that playlist, and others to play over the meal (quieter songs, instrumentals).

The first list (general) I stopped at about 300 songs. I figured it would play for 10 to 12 hours to get all the way through it. It had to last for 120 minutes, so I just put it on “random play” and let it go. It covered the 3 hours of decorating and the 2 hours of pre-dinner chatter with ease.

The whole process was a labor of love for me, but the final play list was particularly fun. Now back in the day, I was a dancer. No, not THAT kind of dancer. I mean socially…I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun dancing. And the other benefit was, since so many guys for whatever reason don’t dance, it was a nice way to meet women, who mostly LOVE to get on the dance floor. Those days are pretty much by the boards with me anymore, with my bad knees and generally out of shape self. But the intriguing that about putting the post-dinner playlist together was that I had been given specific orders by several of the ladies on the reunion committee to put “good dance music” on it - and not just “slow stuff”. I didn’t make the 40th (only one I’ve missed) and I was told the young DJ they hired played “terrible” music and no one danced.

The challenge was, when we were in school (the 1960’s through early 70’s), a lot of the very best music was not very “danceable”, and I wanted to focus on our HS years as the theme. Loves me some Led Zeppelin, but not to dance to. Same for the Beatles (my favorites), the Stones, Cream, etc. No one cared back then, because dancing wasn’t nearly as big in the 60’s as it became in the middle 70’s and beyond. It was all about the music in that era.

However, there were some songs from back then that, although nobody much danced to them in that timeframe, did have a good beat for dancing. And so, I compiled a pretty unique dance playlist that included songs like Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seeger), Fun, Fun, Fun (Beach Boys), Bang a Gong, Get it on (T-Rex), Nobody But Me (Human Beinz), Fortunate Son (Creedence), (I’m not your) Steppin’ Stone (Monkees), Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (Temptations), Twist and Shout (Beatles) and more. Songs I’d always liked, but never thought of as “dance” songs previously (well…except Twist and Shout, I guess) - but they worked well.

Mixed in a few Country Classics, some good slow songs such as Cherish (Association), When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge), The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield), Colour My World (Chicago) and then sprinkled in a few early Disco hits (some BeeGees songs, Play that Funky Music White Boy, Turn the Beat Around, Dancing Machine, and -of course - YMCA).

Turned out to be a huge success. Not too many of the guys got out there, but a LOT of the ladies did, many times dragging me out with them. And we had a blast reliving and retelling old stories about what was and what might have been.

I’m sure you’ll have a super time Clay. Hope you do.

The social tonight was fun. It is well put together event. I was surprised that those who came popped into my mind very quickly. So many know exactly what I’ve done and know many details of my life. I guess that’s because I’ve done so much radio and shared my family doings through the years. I knew a lot of folks. Lots of pictures taken. One included a group that dates back to third grade. The ladies knew our “grade school cheer.” I had no idea we even had one. We had one guy come from Australia and another from Switzerland. Lots of folks live in Texas.

Had a big crush on a classmate in HS. She was tall beautiful and really outgoing. We ended up becoming good buddies but nothing romantic. At our 10 year reunion she showed up looking good and my best friend started telling my wife we had this passionate love affair in HS. The wife had enough doubt to dislike her. She had been through a couple of husbands by our 20 year reunion. Two years after our 20th reunion my best friend sent me a pre release CD of Garth Brooks Unanswered Prayers. (He was in Country Music radio) That song sums it up very well for me. Been married to Suzi 51 years - Thank God for Unanswered Prayers!

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Things are so bad in my old hometown, that you can’t get folks back for a reunion. They tried a school wide reunion for every graduating class from the past 50 years, a couple of weeks ago. From what I could tell, there were few takers. Kind of sad.

Attended my 48th back in May, only about 19 of us left and 12 showed up, it was a great evening. WPS

We had our 50th 4 years ago and we are planning the 55th for next year. I made name tags for all who RSVPed. I used our yearbook to grab Senior pictures and put those on the name tags. We walked (and a few rode in convertibles) in the homecoming parade. I have to say it was a real success.
I don’t expect near the turnout for 55, but I’m hoping.
I’m glad you had fun Clay.
Dave, it sounds as though you did a great job with the music. We are planning to just play a 60s station without any DJ nor a playlist. I have the Sirius/XM app and there is a 60s music only channel that we can pipe through the sound system.

I did not stay for the dancing. Not my forte. I did everything else. Lots of talking. I had to talk some football. Surprise surprise. And some trout fishing.

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Marty, for your demographic (just a few years earlier than mine), that should work well. In my case, the class kind of spilled over into the early 70’s as well, so it was important that we have songs from that time frame. Plus, I DID have that directive to include some “dance music”.

But I listen to that 60’s channel often, and it has great content. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

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Recently, at age 72, I went to my 50th college reunion (at Tulane). Right off the bat, before any reunion activities, my wife and I went out to lunch, and a guy with a Tulane cap sat down at the table next to us. He was in pretty good shape, but I was feeling great, first guy I saw in the reunion class and if anything I was doing better than he was. So I cheerily asked “Here for the 50th Reunion?”. And he said “Oh no, I’m class of 1952”. He was 92 years old.

Home from my reunion. I had missed three previous reunions. Sadly our ranks are thinning (as waist lines increase). One funny note, some women talked to me that did not talk to me in high school. Not sure what that says.


Because your World famous, maybe? :smiley:

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