High School Football will take place

As scheduled according to Governor Hutchinson.

Why on earth is he just now forming a task force?

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I think he’s trying, but I feel the small schools will have a tough time completing a season if they get to many cases. Some small schools barely have enough players to field a team and any cases would be devastating.

Some of those schools might be better off going to 8-man competition.

I don’t think we know if it will take place or not. They will begin practice and be able to work out in helmets. What happens over the next four weeks will determine if the season starts and then continues.

I never heard him say he was 100% sure the season was going to happen. I agree with you Clay. The next few weeks will decide the season.

My son has been working out with his team for the past month in NWA. Its business as usual with his team.

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