High School Coach

We hired a good high school coach who was mediocre at SMU “at best” to take over a SEC program & this guy expects to compete in the SEC West, that’ s funny as hell. We are the absolute bottom feeders of the SEC, not since the 50’s have we been this bad maybe not then. There is not a conference in America we could win other than maybe one in the NAIA; Arkansas State would drum us and not sure we could beat UCA, a lot of this falls on Long and Bielema, but this coaching staff is as lost as the both of them.

Give it time and you’ll change your tune.

Ahaha There are several Texas high school teams that could have been more competitive than Arkansas was today. Coach Morris ain’t coaching one of them. He is a mediocre high school coach from Texas. How’s that 200 mil bond sale looking now dear north end zone luxury condominium suite level crowd? 🤦‍♂️

Give the guy a chance. Hell, he doesn’t have a QB to run a peewee offense.

Never thought I would go over to the other side, but I’m there now. Some teams have less talent but more effort, some have less effort but make up for it with more talent. This team has zero of either, and that is truly pathetic. Sorry, but i’m done.