High of 44 forecasted

For Fayetteville Friday. Low in the 20s.

Any chance they move it to afternoon?

That’s too cold for baseball. I hope they move it. Since our basketball games are on the Thurs-Sat slate, we don’t have to worry about a conflict with that. Sure hope they move to it the warmest (or least chilly) part of the day.

IIRC, SEC games are not allowed before 6 PM on Fridays.


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Are you serious? Maybe, they will play two on Saturday.

Some miserable wether to play baseball in.

Auburn should love that. Perhaps a little advantage for us, but almost certainly will hold crowd down

I just hope the wind isn’t blowing in. The cold is bad enough. I hope Auburn is in hurry to leave the hill and depart after being swept.

Definitely going to be a two thermos game… been there and done that many times coaching baseball… Nothing fun about it

Except you can’t take a thermos into the game, unless you are in the Hawg Pen. They will probably sell a lot of hot chocolate. BTW, that stuff is HOT, tasty, and expensive. It no longer comes out of a giant thermal dispenser, they make it just after you order it.


Yeah nothing better than a good old cup of hot chocolate on a cold night… I will never forget that bowl game in Memphis when it was about 0!! My wife at the time and I were frozen to death and we saw a McDonald’s as we were going down the highway and we knew they had great hot chocolate and it is extremely hot as well but it was sooooo good after being out in that nasty weather

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Today’s high in Fayetteville for game time is 57
58 at 4:00 and 57 at 5:00
Winds from the South at 14/15 mph, with wind gusts from 24/28 mph.

That means the wind will be blowing out doesn’t it??

I couldn’t say. I’ve seen other post at times talking about how the wind usually blows at B/W. I just dont know. I’m sure someone else can answer that.
From whatever direction it blows, it will be a big factor in the game. I’m sure Matt knows

A south wind is going to blow in at an angle from a hitter’s right to left at the ballpark. You typically get a lot of foul balls into the seats down the third-base and left-field line, but you can get some wind-aided home runs. It might turn a 330-foot fly ball to left-center into a ball that carries and just gets over the fence in the left-field bullpen.

I think a southwest wind is more conducive to hitting home runs to left field. We typically get southwest winds later in the spring.

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Thanks, Matt! I knew you would know.

ok I always get confused.I will remember from now on.

Youdaman, next time you ask me, I’ll know the answer!

Don’t worry about it brother I’ve been told about 10 times but I’m directionally challenged …I’ll remember from now on when I see South the wind is going to be blowing in LOL

First pitch has been moved to 4 pm.

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Nope. South wind is the usual blowing in from right field at BWS. Exactly what they had yesterday. It might have helped Wegner’s homer yesterday, but I agree with Matt that a southwest wind is better for our right-handed power. North or northeast wind is good for the left handed power.