Hicks vs Storey stats

2016 1st yr under CCM - pass - 2930 yds - 55.5% 19 TDs - 15 Ints
2016 rush - 41 for -83 yds - 2 TDs

2017 2nd yr under CCM- pass - 3569 yds - 58.5% 33 TDs - 12 Ints
2017 rush - 54 for 47 yds 1 TD

Storey: (10 total games played, including 2 games played only a few snaps)

2018 1st yr under CCM - pass - 1584 yds - 57.2% 11 TDs - 10 Ints
2018 rush - 67 for 146 yds 1 TD

Comparing Hicks vs Storey for 2016 and 2018 (1st yr playing in CCMs system) there is not a huge difference. Would there be similar 2nd yr improvement? Hicks is even less mobile than Storey. Don’t most think CCM’s system needs at least a semi-mobile QB? Don’t most assume Storey will probably not be the starter next year?

So why would CCM want Hicks for one year while not giving starter minutes to one of Connor, JSJ, or KJ? Wouldn’t installing a passing game for an immobile QB (Hicks) just put us another year away from installing CCMs complete (Clemson) system for at least a somewhat mobile QB? Would an immobile QB in the SEC provide us any more wins than a 2nd year in the system Storey, Connor, or JSJ?

Hicks wouldn’t be given the starting job just by transferring in. There is nothing wrong with adding an experienced quarterback to the fold.

Isn’t it taking away a potential scholarship?

Maybe. Or maybe it is just filling the one saved for Kelly Bryant. It seems to me this staff has hoped to bring in a transfer QB for next season.

You should also consider age when they first started if you’re going to say the stats aren’t that different. Hicks was a freshman I believe when he started.

Storey was a 4th year junior.

After 4 years you’re probably pretty close to being as developed as you can be. New system or not, we didn’t see good talent.

Hicks was a redshirt freshman.

I thought so.

Showed nice improvement the next year, I’m sure would have again this year with chad. He’s a better prospect than Ty is. Is he a great prospect? Not even close, but he could definitely be used until someone like Noland or KJ is ready.

Is the UT backup Shane Beuschle available and/or a possibility? Heard he might be. I’d rather have him than Hicks.

There is no way Chad Morris is going to let his fate hang on Ty Storey next season. He will bring somebody in if he thinks they can play even somewhat better than Storey. Coach Morris may bring somebody else in even if he thinks Noland or Jones will beat out Storey in case their is an injury. This is, of course, one person’s uneducated opinion.

Red shirt freshmen have a fairly good success rate. I think it will say a lot about what CCM thinks about the potential of Connor Noland to lead the team next year in what he does in regards to bringing in a graduate QB.

I agree with that. I would have loved to have KB. I would love to have Jalen Hurts. They are proven as dual QBs, which everybody seems to agree are necessary to run CCM’s full offensive package. I just don’t see how bringing an immobile QB to run part of his package for another year is beneficial to the development of our future QBs or the Razorback football program going forward.

I totally agree when you mention brining in a QB that isn’t dual threat. I hope they play Noland and KJ.
I hope the staff sign another LB instead of a transfer QB.

That’s exactly where I am Army. Unless we’re bringing in someone comparable to KB, I would rather use next year seasoning our young QB’s. The need for another LB just increased substantially. Hopefully we can land Martin and Henry. After doing considerable due diligence of course. Don’t need anymore drug dealers.

So far he has not announced that he is transferring and there is no thought that he would come here except in hopeful fans minds.

If Ty improves, that’s great for the program.

If the quarterback play at Arkansas doesn’t improve next season and they don’t bring in anybody, I don’t expect to hear you complaining at all because you have hitched your wagon the ones here or signing.

That drug dealer may be finishing his degree in sales under the watching eye of CDC. There’s no where in this country immune to having the same issue we had today go down.
Sign the LB’s

Shhhh…those 2017 numbers by Hicks playing for CCM are pretty dang good.That is more yards and TD’s BA threw for in 2015.
Nothing wrong w bringing in competition.

Hicks isn’t a mobile or running Q. We don’t need him here getting slammed by the opponents DE’s and Safeties.

Let’s see his stats after playing behind our O-line then we would be able to compare apples to apples. WPS

Oh, I’ll complain Dudley. Loudly. From my wagon! :smile: