Hicks on Finebaum

Hicks seems very mature and composed on the Finebaum Show… I’m liking him more and more as we get to see who he is as a person and his leadership skills. Spring practice will have some interesting points to understand and explore where this team could be headed in the fall.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/te … razorbacks

great that Ben has CCM history and knows the system, I prefer more talent and hope for Buechele or Kendall who are far more physically gifted as in SEC and above which Ben does not seem to be. Product of the system does not impress me because the system has not produced notable success, such that we are not immediately attractive to the two I mentioned. I’m hoping Ben committing has not closed the portal door, probably has but there are better options.

Kendall is going to West Virginia. Arkansas has five quarterbacks in the fold next year. I don’t think it will add another.