HI subscription costs almost doubling?

Clay, Matt, Dudley,

I’ve been an annual HI subscriber for what seems like forever. And y’all have been nothing but courteous to me and others over those years and it’s really appreciated.

But I hope you consider keeping the $99 annual option for HI. The $15 per month monthly fee adds up to $180 annually. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to decrease my $$ outgo. Cutting the cable, doing away with my landline phone, etc. But I always kept my HI suscription. At $180 a year, I may have to reconsider being part of the HI Insider boards once my grandfathered Scout subscription ends.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

$15 a month is going to run a lot of suscribers to it’s Razorback equivalent competitors.

This has to be a Scout.com thing right???

this is a stupid idea. Former HI members gain nothing from this merger and the price is going up as well. We get the same content we normally would have gotten from Clay and Dudley but lose access to the scout recruiting profiles, plus we now are associated with the clown wally hall. I’ve been with HI from the beginning but I won’t be here for much longer.

Carl, thanks for the note. I can assure you that a price increase was not taken lightly. Everyone - and there were several - involved in the decision-making process did their best to keep the price as low as possible.

Appreciate the reply. So basically, it’s $180 a year from here on out. Take it or leave it? I guess I have a hard decision to make next year. But my knee jerk opinion right now is that I’m going to be leaving.

In the meantime, y’all have an opportunity to convince me that I’m getting significantly more than what I was getting with HI Scout.

I did not realize the price of membership was going to double. What a shame, the folks who have been the backbone are the ones getting boned.

I will make a push to get an annual fee that is doable for most. Looks high to me, too.

Yeah . . . I caught that right away . . . asked about it a little while ago. I may be slipping in some areas, but it’s hard to get an 82% price increase past me . . .


I’ve been a subscriber of the magazine since 1992, but I will definitely be dropping it if there’s a fee increase like this. Too many other ways to get Hog news.

Love the site, a majority of the subscribers and most of all Dudley and Clay.

But I’m 95% sure I will be gone when my time is up. I too can’t justify that expense plus like others noted I miss out on the national angle with Scout.

Was this in the works for awhile? It seems rushed and disorganized.

I’m not sure what we get for the extra $?

Can someone explain the difference? Are we getting more premium content? We lose the recruiting service, but it was pretty bad.

I guess I just fail to see the difference other than the significant price increase.

I’ve been here since the start, but this may push me out the door. I’m sure the no one cares.

It’s not about the extra $60-$70 a year. It’s about the poor way it has been handled.

Clay, just being honest here. But reading your reply gives me the impression that you aren’t as involved in this venture as I’d originally thought. At least on the financial end. Hopefully I’m wrong.

But for what it’s worth, $99 a year is pretty much my ceiling for HI.

Clay, how do you make this move without understanding exactly what financial impact it will have on your subscribers? NOW you’re going to push to get it fixed?

How on earth is this not one of the first things you analyze (and get right) when considering this move?

If you already have subscription to Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the combo monthly price for ADG and HI is $33. That means you pay $28 for ADG and $5 for HI. Maybe it is a motivation to increase ADG subscription, but that is fine with me. I can’t do without my hard copy of ADG.

Wow I certainly missed that part as well. ( 180$ Annual Fee ).

Hmmmm, that’s a horse of another color for sure.

Thank you Navy. I love you too. Go Army!

I’m in agreement with other posters. I will not pay additional dollars for less resources.

Well I just read the FAQ concerning this new venture and I will have to say I will not be able to go this route if there are no changes,Could handle the $99 dollar package I now have but $180 is too much,Maybe drop the magazine and keep it at $99,Might go for that,

The biggest difference from the old site is that we now have a considerably larger staff. This site will combine the staffs of the ADG and HI, as well as draw on many contributors. Once the paywall goes back into effect Aug. 1, I would venture to say you will see an increase in content of about 150 percent over the old site.

Yep…count me in this boat. I love Clay, Dudley, and the great Razorback community I have been a part of and literally grown up with for the last 13 years on the Scout premium board, but I don’t love y’all this much. The way this has been handled is complete and utter BS, to put it in nice terms. What am I getting in return for this price double that is any better than the previous site? I guess they have a chance to show me while this Scout subscription remains viable, but my initial reaction is this is an insane way to treat one of the most loyal and close knit online communities. My bet is that if this does not change, you will be losing A LOT of customers that have stuck with you through thick and thin. Prayed for you, prayed with you, received prayers from, laughed with you, laughed at you, been laughed at, yelled at you, been yelled at, cried with, celebrated with, met up with, etc. It is a shame, but you are forcing our hands here. Sure not everyone. Many can justify paying the new rate. However, you are forcing a lot of us out.