HI Magazine

A big Bravo Zulu (BZ) to the HI staff for the splendid HI magazine of 10 September. Considering all of the constraints (time, $$, space, etc…), y’all did a magnificent job. Page layout, design, pixs, writing, wide assortment of topics and articles…just wow. Very impressive! Mahalo.
UA…Campus of Champions


On behalf of everyone who was involved, thank you. There is a lot of hard work being put into the magazine.


Please fix the distribution problem, and things will be even better.

I received my “South Carolina” issue the Monday after the game. Have yet to receive the “Missouri State” issue.

The distribution problem can’t be fixed by Matt or anyone at HI. Clay worked on it for years. It’s the USPS and the multiple issues they face. I’ve learned to enjoy it when it comes and not worry.


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