HI Magazine

Was HI magazine issued this week? I have not received one.

I have received two copies this week. Name spelled slightly differently so I’m apparently on the list twice.

Got mine yesterday in Tulsa

Got mine Thursday

I got mine yesterday (Thursday.)

I haven’t received anything but week 1 here in Charleston SC

Got mine Wednesday. It has been by the porcelain throne and reading was completed today. :smiley:

Got mine today in Marshall TX

I am not receiving mine.

If you are having problems receiving your magazines, you should call (800) 757-6277 during regular business hours.

Also, for those who often receive them late, consider asking for first class delivery. When I lived in Bartlesville it was the only way to get the magazine on time. The black hole that is the Tulsa regional post office would eat second class deliveries.

I haven’t seen mine yet. Who is on the cover?

Austin & Drew


I’ve done this … SEVERAL times. Exchanged multiple e-mails with Hector (i believe that was the name). I received one magazine and the they stopped coming. All I am trying to do is buy your product … it shouldn’t be this hard.

I’m sorry, what I should say is I am trying to get delivery of the product I have paid for.

I told my brother HI would have something very good on the cover from that last play.

You can also email us at Hawgsillustrated@wholehogsports.com. Please include your name and full mailing address.


Okay, I will try this again … on top of the multiple e-mail exchanges I’ve had with Hector. Or you guys could look up my account info and start sending me my magazines.

This really shouldn’t be that hard. You have all my info … I have paid full subscription price, plus magazine delivery. You have my name, address and CC information. Please just send me my magazines.