Hi, I'm Sam Pittman

A friend of mine got a call from his daughter Sunday night. She had been to church and was moving into her seat and not really paying attention to the others on her row. A man and woman scooted to the center and as she looked over, he said, “Hi, I’m Sam Pittman and this is my wife Jamie.” Then they all went back to singing. It dawned on her a few minutes later that she’d just met the new Arkansas football coach and one of the nicest men in the building. The football coach has a new fan, a member of the faculty teaching biology.


Don’t know about biology, but got to believe that Pittman will be good at teaching/coaching chemistry.

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Which church?

I did not ask which church.

Sam just being Sam! Why everybody that meets him automatically feels comfortable an easy around him.


That’s what I call quality leadership by example!


Gotta love Sam! He is on of us.

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The more I hear, the more I like CSP. If this guy does nothing else he’s made most all hopeful and I haven’t felt that in awhile. WPS

Gotta love it…he is just another one of us out there being a part of the community, blending in and not trying to be above anyone at any time and showing people he and his wife are just like others in the community. Man…solid solid peeps for sure!

Genuine and real. That’s what I keep hearing about Sam. He is dynamite in one-on-one settings.

Perfect example of a near perfect human being.

“Perfect example of a near perfect human being.”

What if he doesn’t win? What will your assessment be then?

The same I hope. Losing or winning football games shouldn’t make one more or less of a good human being.

Mike Anderson didn’t win enough basketball games to stay as the Arkansas basketball coach by UofA athletic standards. But by the standards used to judge good humans - the kind that usually your taught about in church - Mike is a great human being.

Personally I think a person can be both a great coach and a great human being and hopefully we are lucky enough to have both with Pittman.

Judging by at least a couple of player’s comments, we have both with coach Muss.

Does not change anything. Winning and the type person are two different things. The example of Mike was brought up. From all accounts, a very good man. Sam knows what is his job.

It only makes a difference if you’re shallow enough to think winning is everything.

Does not change anything for me - seems like a great guy and I like him.

If he does good work and the program improves I’ll like and admire him in Fayetteville.

If it’s a disaster and we stay the same or get worse I’ll like and admire him as he relocates to Hot Springs after his dismissal.

“It only makes a difference if you’re shallow enough to think winning is everything.”

Or if you’re pious enough to pretend winning is not important after a disastrous past few years.

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I’ve had the pleasure of meeting our AD and HY is the same way. Super nice. Not defensive. Will talk to you about anything you want to talk about. Never dodges a question and occasionally asks about me and my life. We’ve got some great folks at the top right now.

That’s awesome! If your leadership is like that there is a trickle-down effect that is felt by the entire organization. Could be a great time to be a razorback in the next few years

Winning and losing should not have any bearing on what you think of an individual personally.

Only their actions.

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