HI Baseball Preview

Our Hawgs Illustrated baseball preview has been printed. Ben Goff, our photographer, took a lot of great portrait shots this year. Clay and I handled writing features on the team - I think six or seven in all. We spent hours talking one-on-one with coaches and players, so this will include a lot of content you’re not going to find anywhere else.

If you’re an HI subscriber you should have it delivered to you soon. I also anticipate the digital version should be online sometime today or tomorrow. You can see all of our digital replicas at this link: http://hawgsillustrated.pressreader.com/hawgs-illustrated

If you’re a magazine subscriber, just log in with your same email and password that you use to access this site. If you aren’t a subscriber to the magazine but are interested, call our office at 1-800-757-6277 or email wholehogsports@wehco.com.

Here is a look at the cover with Casey Opitz:

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Dang wished I could read all that! but I can tell Opitz has been lifting! DVH said he was going to drive the ball better this yr…I can see more HRs from him.

This is one of my favorite issues of the year. I enjoy baseball. That should be clear. I grew up playing baseball and going to Arkansas Travs games as a youngster. I handled every job there from ball boy (taking a handful of baseballs to the umpire), bat boy (visitors) and clubhouse boy (visitors). I also sold concessions (peanuts, popcorn and snow cones) walking through the stands. I played baseball (mostly as a catcher) all the way to legion ball. Didn’t play starting as a 17-year-old to concentrate on golf, my better sport.

There are about 12,000 words on baseball in this issue, including a feature by Nate Allen on Johnny Ray. I visited at length with Dave Van Horn, Matt Hobbs, Nate Thompson, Casey Opitz, Casey Martin, Patrick Wicklander, Connor Noland and Heston Kjerstad. I’d say 99 percent of what we discussed is in this magazine.

This should be another good team and that’s partly why I like baseball. But I think most of you understand that I just like baseball period.

Heck, I’ve got four shares of stock in my name in the Arkansas Travs. That certificate is framed and on the wall in my office. (No, it’s worthless. I just keep it because it’s kind of cool.)

I Love Baseball too!! Nothing like going to a game! The smell of all the food and the beautiful grass, the White lines all marked off… just a beautiful sport.

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I love our hogs but there’s nothing like baseball season! Thank all of you that put in the work to publish the magazine.

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I’m not sure that I can understand why anyone likes baseball (or would think that I like baseball.) I mean, I never leave a game until the final pitch. I even sat through every pitch of every inning of every home game in 2016. (UGH!)

23 days!!! until :boar: :baseball:

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Nothing like baseball. I once worked with a couple of guys who didn’t like baseball. Their complaint was that it was too slow and not enough action. I countered with, “baseball is a thinking man’s game.” That set them back. I will compare a throw from deep right field to the plate to throw out a runner with any touchdown pass.

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I have a certificate hanging on the wall of my office at home. It is a certificate for one symbolic yard of turf at George Cole field dated May 4, 1996. It is signed by Frank Broyles and Norm. I guess it will hang there until I pass on.

I’ve made similar comments about it being an intellectual game. My wife hated baseball until she met me, but we went to some games together while we were dating and I explained to her the varying strategies that were going on at any given time. She said it opened her eyes. Now she loves it. I think she would prefer to go to a baseball game over any other sport.


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