HI 25th Anniversary Issue

I have been away for a few days so I don’t know when it came, but I just got to look at it some today. Over 25 years, there have been many great issues and I have seen most of them, but this is the best. It is full of good information and of course, all the stories about Coach Broyles ( I have already said what I think of him - Great does not come close to being big enough ).

Well done Clay and Staff. You guys have out done yourselves this time! I look forward to another, well another stretch of years of HI.

I agree with Jim. It’s the best HI Magizine that’s been published. A lot of love and emotion for J. Frank Broyles. We’ll done Clay and team. We’ll done.

I can only speak for myself, but I enjoyed helping put it together. There was some last-minute scrambling to get the Broyles content added. I thought it turned out well.

It was very well done

It brought back some great memories and a couple of nightmares

Amazing how it coincided with the passing of Pappa Pig himself - JFB

Thought the same about the 25th and JFB. Both are special.

Thanks everyone. As always, I had a lot of help. I thought everyone raised the bar to make it what I wanted to be – one of our bests. Everyone pulled hard to make it turn out looking like that, from graphic designers, photo staff and everyone you see with a bye line. I had my hands in a lot of it, but so did Matt.

We printed extras. If someone wants to start their magazine subscription, you can call the office and get that one first. 800-757-6277. I was pleased with the cover, a portrait of Coach Broyles in the stadium from about four years ago. He was looking spiffy in his red blazer.

Do we need to reorder the magazine? I used to get them and I haven’t received any this year.

Call our office and they can help you. 800-757-6277. They can figure out what happened.