Hey Youdaman, have Jackson and Clary "arrived" as SEC linemen -----

---------- I am assuming that “no news is good news” and, so far, I have seen no obvious bad snaps or either getting beat badly one-on-one by the players they have been trying to block. So far, right tackle seems to be the most obvious problem, at least as far as I have noticed. Are Jackson and Clary much improved or are they scheming better to help them?

I think Clary has done a great job and I owe him an apology I did not think he was an SEC quality offensive lineman based on what I saw from last year but he has played very very well so far. Jackson has played pretty well considering he’s not 100% healthy,so to answer your question,I have been very impressed with both of them and the job they’ve done so far. We will know more very quickly when we start a sec play becauseTexas A&m has a very good defensive line. Thanks for bringing this up I meant to offer my apology to Clary earlier.

Ty Clary was one of the players at the Catfish Hole tonight for the radio show. I got a picture with him (it didn’t turn out very well). I told him that I wanted a picture with the guy who threw two blocks on the same play to free Rakeem Boyd for a touchdown. He replied that he was just doing his job. He’s a great kid and oh BTW, he loves to fly fish.

He absolutely performed the combo block on that run exactly how it is drawn up. He has to secure the block on the tackle then seal off the linebacker and he did it to absolute perfection Big Time kudos to him!

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I am the one who told Bo to ask Ty about fly fishing. He and his grandma use my son in law as guide so I have inside info. His grandma has a house on Norfork River not far from me. Ty will get to fish the weekend of the open date.