Hey...Yo....so who is next to round out BB class...

Dudley I know “as soon as you know you will put it here”, but I’m just looking to stimulate conversation:

  • 1 and done with Tory Miller-Stewart
  • sit and play 2 years with Austin Reaves
  • revisit Courtese Cooper to see if he wants to sign this year (sounds like no)
  • wildcard?

Unless something has changed, nothing is happening with Tory.

I know you keep saying that, and I totally believe you, but it makes sense to me on the surface. Unless the kid (and I’m sure this is a factor) is looking for starter minutes somewhere. He could come here and back-up Gafford and possibly play alongside him.

Grad transfers don’t want to be a backup.

Willy K :slight_smile: and others around the country have been grad transfers and didn’t start I think Florida had one this past season… In our system you don’t need to start to make all SEC you will get the minutes if you’re capable

It seems like we should be a school that could offer immediate playing time at the 1-4 spot with so many unknowns.

I think Torey is different.

I agree

Talent wise? or his mentality?

Talking minutes.

ok… a lot of guys these days seem to want things given to them and in oppose to earning it. If you are good enough you can go t UCA and be one of the all-time greats to ever play the game i.e. Scotty Pippen or you can go to UALR and be conference player of the year and get drafted by the Lakers and go on to win multiple NBA titles i.e Derek Fisher…Long story short is these kids these days seem to run from competition it’s sad

In some cases I agree, but if you have one year don’t you want a place where you’re confident you’ll get minutes? No different than JCs.

true but Tory is good enough to start at the 4 here it’s no reason he shouldn’t unless he gets beat out by a freshman… either way where ever he goes he’s going to have to beat out someone for the job unless he goes to a lesser program which maybe is his goal… It seems everybody is trying to show the Nba scouts something; however the best way to show the scouts your game is by being a competitor not by averaging 20 points and 35 minutes a game. If you’re league material then you will make it baring some unforeseen injury or chain of events

I always say never say never in recruiting. At this time I don’t see anything happening, but things can change at a drop of a hat in recruiting.

I think Tory’s skillset is more of a 5 than a 4, at least in our system. Also, Adrio Bailey and Gabe O aren’t just complete pushovers at the 4 spot. And on top of that , I think the biggest competition he’ll run into is Reggie Chaney, who IMO, has way more upside than him. I think it’s unlikely at best that he would start at Arkansas, and he probably sees that. And I believe I was the first person on here to even say anything about Miller, I thought it would be a good fit, but always thought his role would be backing up Gafford.

This is why I liked Cooper. If we landed Cooper, then Gafford and Henderson, or Gafford and Chaney, and substitute Cooper for Gafford with those same two and I think both the 4&5 will be better off next year.

If we land one of the other guys (I still like Thiam, but no guarantee there is mutual interest) then I’m afraid Henderson will end up at the five with a SF (Thiam or Phillips) and it’ll be an issue. However, if Gafford is the C and Phillips (or Thiam, or another CF) is the 4, Phillips can give us an extra ball handler, and outside shooter, the “stretch” 4 everyone wants and let Gafford have more one on one situations in the paint.

While I expect some clarity soon the very next step is unknown to me today.

Cooper does not have an offer from Arkansas yet and some of the other guys being mentioned on here probably do not as of yet either.

LSU offered Cooper sight unseen, but has strangely not been in contact since per his head cosch.

Austin Reaves sent a release to Arkansas and many other schools, but it is hard for me to know his level of interest unless he or someone arounds him actually gets back with me

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that at least one person he is supposedly close to is mad at Arkansas and reporters for Jim not being offered last time.