Hey we play LSU tomorrow, did everyone forget

A review of the key team stats makes is look like a fairly even game on paper, although playing in Fayetteville and we beat them in Red Stick.

The Net likes LSU. They have 9 Q1 and Q2 wins to the Hogs “8”. LSU has also beaten UK and UTe, and FLA on the road.

If the Hogs play solid defense and J Williams can avoid foul trouble the hogs should win! Even if LSU jumps out and gets a lead they will give you a chance to come back. Our Hogs can beat any team in the country especially in the BuD! It will be a tough game!
I haven’t forgotten about the game.

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All champions are confident and mentally tough. This team has shown it’s toughness during the SEC regular season and I fully expect that they will continue to win games to close out the regular season and make deep runs in both tournaments.

No way have forgotten. LSU has proven they can be very good and beat anybody. I am sure the team knows all that and more and will not let down. The Hogs can beat about anybody and likewise, they can lose to a lot of teams certainly including LSU.

It seems most everybody are expecting to beat them and recent history suggest they should in a close, hard fought game that is won in the last few minutes. I hope that is the case, but a lot can go wrong and that W becomes a L which would take some of the luster off the past few wins.

The team and the crowd better be ready to go. I know LSU will be ready.

We beat them…

Pinson hurt when we played earlier and now healthy and makes big difference


I didn’t forget. They are catching us at a typical letdown time between UK and UT. Plus we’ve beaten them already. Talented team, especially with their PG back, that knows they can improve their seeding and maybe get off the 8-9 line with a couple wins this week.

LSU will likely play loose and well, but hopefully we have the same type of atmosphere as the last 3 home games. The crowd can lift the Hogs out of any hangover as much as anything. Plus, we know Muss will have the Hogs prepared.

I will predict another nail-biter and Hogs get it done 74-72.

I think as fans we are counting this as a W because we beat them in Red Stick and how well we have played of late.

That does scare me.

I am sure Muss is on top of it though!!!

Yep, hard not to think of Saturday as for the conference championship, but without a W on Wednesday, it’s all moot.

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It’s not for the conference championship unless Auburn loses, either tomorrow or Saturday. We don’t control anything until that happens. So for now we’re Leghumper fans.

Hogs will win 76-69

At LSU they did not have Pinson and we did not have Coach and K Johnson. Pinson is a very good player and this will be a tough test and we better be ready.

We should be ready, but would not surprise me if we are behind with 10 minutes to go. Could be one of those 60-56 type games with two good defensive teams going at it.

Man, I really really wanted Pinson to transfer here, he just has killed us repeatedly. will be a huge challenge. I have no idea how our team has found the heart and energy to play the way they have during this run, but they will need their A game again, to win.


Pretty interesting and/or ironic, the victory over them in Baton Rouge was our first big upset and signature win and now the question is whether we’ll forget we’re playing them and/or just take the victory for granted.

I don’t think our hogs will over look LSU.
The Hogs have been been focused since the 0-3 start to SEC play.


LSU is a very good defensive team with a very good pressure game that we haven’t seen very much of this year… I think with the way we’re playing defense right now we’re really going to disrupt their offense which is kind of Helter skelter at times and allow us to get out in transition and hopefully get control of the game fairly early… they are 3-7 on the road.

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Heck no haven’t forgot. Look for this to be another good game. LSU wanting revenge but I think the loud environment of the Bud rattles ole SAO & his team.
We win by 10.


Play solid D and to press LSU needs to make baskets. Hogs get stops and make LSU play defense. I hope LSU falls to get the chance to Press our hogs very much at all.

I think Lykes might get a fairly extended run tomorrow nite. He’s a very good press breaker becuz of his quickness. He didn’t play much against Kentucky.

On the one hand, getting Pinson back makes them a better team although their conference record since his return is marginally better. On the other hand, we are a better team now on defense and offense and play them at home. This team believes, but it seems a lot of our fan base isn’t there yet.