Hey…. We are 7-3! Against the toughest schedule in the country!

What a win! And we converted a few 3rd downs!


… with a legitimate shot at 8-4.


Play D like this in Tuscaloosa, I wouldn’t entirely rule out making the Scum sweat a little.


In August I thought 6-6 was most likely and 7-5 if we were lucky. Also thought 5-7 or even 4-8 were realistic if things didn’t fall our way.

I’m ecstatic we’ve won 7 and still have two games to go. I didn’t think that was likely at all. We’ve won two by the skin of our teeth, but we are also very close to 9-1. Only UGA beat us decisively.

I don’t predict a win against Bama, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we did. We should beat MU if we stay healthy and play our game. 8-4 looks highly likely. And a shot at 9-4 with a bowl win.


The heart of this team is just beautiful!

Might not have the talent , but we have the heart !

I’m going to add this to the title …against the toughest schedule in the country!


Ranked teams that lost:
NC State

We won’t move past OU or A&M, probably, but we’ll move up a spot or two

And San Diego State is in a tight one with Nevada. Oregon is up 7 on Wazzu as well.

8-4 get us C O Y?


I was just thinking about that schedule during the game. Don’t anybody say anything about UAPB, GA Southern and Rice. Man we earned playing those. It is just so tough in this Division. 8-4 will be one heck of a record if it happens against these guys.

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Sagarin had our strength of schedule as #22 coming into tonight. LSU’s was #2. But then they’ve played Bama and we haven’t. That will be corrected next weekend.

Oregon and Wazzu now tied 14-14

Playing LSU bumped our SOS in Sagarin up from 22 to 17.

ESPN’s FPI has our schedule #2. Tennessee is #1. But again, they’ve played Bama and we haven’t. Yet.

I’m still trying to figure out their loss at A&M.

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