Hey, Scottie -- KK Robinson

What is going on with him? I think I’m not the only one who was hoping he would be a little more of a factor this year.

Is he just behind from being injured? Is he still not 100%?

I tried to really focus on him during the last few minutes of the game Sunday. He put up a shot at one point (the only one he took in the 8 minutes he played), but at other times it almost looked like he didn’t want the ball.

Certainly could be still feeling some effects of his foot injury, but he’s looked pretty quick on his feet when he’s been in games. According to KenPom, he’s at 8.3 fouls per 40 minutes played. That was an issue when he was on the floor last season, too.

Whenever I get asked about guys not playing, I always think back to this quote from Eric ahead of the season opener:

“We have a large play package. We don’t have a small play package. When the fans or media members say, ‘Hey, why doesn’t that guy go in?’ Well, you’ve got to know the plays at (multiple) positions.”

Arkansas’ got two veteran, playmaking guards ahead of him right now in JD and Lykes, and Devo, although his offense hasn’t come this season like many imagined, is maybe the team’s best perimeter defender. That will play. Hard to find minutes for a fourth at the moment. Eric knows what he’s going to get from those three. Playing time, too, is earned in practice behind closed doors.


To me it seems like KK is out there trying hard not to make mistakes. I think this makes him very passive. Hopefully we can get up on UCA and KK can show some life.


KK and Robinson need to get some playing time but earning it may be hard right now. These next 2 games may be what the doctor ordered. Last season Devo was healthy and able to grab the bull by the horns but KK was injured.
KK needs to excel in practice and when he gets on the floor I think the main thing he needs to do is play defense. The offense will come but the “D” is a must!

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