Hey, Richard

Are there any Ohio State commits that might want to start loking around now that UM may be gone? I know OSU recruits nationally and I know A few guys we are in have OSU offers. Just curious as to how OSUs misery could be good for us. Thanks.

WR Garrett Wilson would be one. Have to look at others.

What’s the word on Peyton Powell? I know he was suppose to be at BBQ but didn’t make it. Is he still planning on visiting? It looked like Ohio st was the leader for him

Will check on Peyton. If Meyer is fired it will be interesting with Garrett. I think Arkansas comes back into play.

Arkansas would be in play, but my belief from talking to him at the Nike Regional in Arlington is that would likely ead him to Texas.

I don’t know if we would be in play, but it shows we only offered 3 guys that are currently committed to tOSU. Those three are:

Garrett Wilson - 5* WR - Austin, TX
Harry Miller - 4* OC - Buford, GA
Sampson James - 4* RB - Avon, IN