Hey Matt

A great task for an investigative reporter. I address this to you because you responded quickly as to who the officials were at the game last week

The SEC office. How many are employed. Where are they from and what school did they graduate from. We know the guy who made schedule this year was a surprise, Bama grad. Wonder if anyone from Arkansas is employed. Commissioner and head of officiating, what is their background. I’m sure a lot of the schools the sec disregards would be interested also.

Just a thought

Auburn leads the way with 6
Alabama next with 4

2 schools w most employment at sec office

There are a couple of connections to Arkansas at the league office. Scotty Thurman Jr. is an assistant director of compliance and Herb Vincent is an associate director over communications. Herb is an LSU graduate who grew up in North Little Rock.

As for the Auburn/Alabama graduates, that is no surprise given the office is in Birmingham. It’s no different than the businesses here probably hire more UA graduates than any other university.

There are 48 employees at the SEC office, some of whom are seasonal.


Herb Vincent is also a Catholic High graduate. Grew up as a Razorbacks fan.


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