Hey, Matt: Question

Do you know if visiting teams get the chance to tour the new Hunt Performance Center while they’re here?

I know in your story for this weekend’s games, you said that UIC will probably work out in the Fowler Center on days we may not be able to play. I’ve wondered, though, if any of the teams we play get a chance to see the new facility. I would think any baseball player would be interested in seeing it.

I was just thinking there could be a benefit in the other teams seeing what Arkansas provides, especially if they have a really good player who might want to transfer up at some point down the line.

I don’t think that happens. A visiting administrator might ask or be invited to walk through it, but not the opposing players.

I would not think you’d want just everybody going through the building.

Too bad, that might have an impact on future transfers…

You raise an interesting thought, probably a reason that opposing teams will NOT tour it. Think about it.

It certainly makes sense that other teams wouldn’t want their players to see it, and they might not even have the time when they are here on business to try and win games. But I had wondered.

Someone asked Illinois State’s coach if his team would tour the facility a few weeks ago. He acted kind of shocked by the question, which is understandable. Think of it in football terms: no one expects Alabama’s football team to tour the Smith Center on a game weekend. They are here to play the games.

I also think it’s important to keep in mind the Hunt Center has a lot of elements. That’s where the coaches work, players lift weights and hang out, meet with coaches, watch film, etc. There is work being done there at a lot of hours of the day. It isn’t a building that is supposed to be touristy, with maybe the exception of recruits.

As for UIC working out inside the Fowler Center this week, if Arkansas does any work in the Fowler Center on a game day, I think the rules state the opposing team must also have access to it. I’m not sure whether that also applies to non-game days when there are postponements or cancelations, but if not, I think it is professional courtesy to extend your guests an opportunity to practice at your facilities while they are in town.


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