Hey Matt. Now that Casey has fallen to #87 -----

Hey Matt. (See our debate in the Casey Martin on Deck post elsewhere.) Now that Casey has fallen to #87 and after Clay mentioned that Casey’s initial struggles last season cost him millions of dollars, do you think my speculation that he might come back to have a great year with us and then get drafted close or into the first round next year MIGHT come true?

689k is hard to pass up, but who knows.

I wonder if Casey will demand over #87 slot value, since he and many others think he is a steal at that slot, and will then, if he does not get it, return determined to have the kind of year that will command a much higher slot and higher initial contract.

We can only hope to get Martin back. Plus getting Opitz back.

From what KP and others were saying, teams call a player and say “we’ll take you here and offer X” and if X isn’t enough they go on to the next player. X may be above or below slot value. Apparently Opitz was getting offers below slot value and turned them down. Not sure what might have been going on with Martin.

I think Casey will take the money, probably feels very fortunate to get that much the way he’s played the last year or so.

Will sign for over slot

Like 2009 says, I think Martin might get more than slot value. He was the Phillies’ second-highest draft pick. He might get second-round money. I don’t think there is any chance he returns.

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Looks you are the wise one once again. He just sounded like he is signing in an interview.

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