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From the Florida Board (poster)
“They literally aren’t getting any of their remaining targets and will be lucky to hang on to what they got. They got exposed in South Florida for cheating and now nobody wants to touch them.”

“Total disaster unfolding in that ****e hole right now. Anyone and everyone is running. Nobody wants to be associated with them right now. Things are about to get very nasty with the NCAA. A recruit has a video of two UF assistants offering cash.”

“Going to get interesting. The Homestead staff banned UF from their campus. Now, a video has been provided to the NCAA showing exactly why. Could be a death penalty situation. No school has ever been busted for such a blatant violation.”

“Smh we probably didn’t offer enough cash. This staff just doesn’t get it man.”

“LOL, you offered plenty. The problem is, you offered it to a kid that doesn’t play that game, and that kid and his school turned UF in. Everyone is finding out about this now, which is why everything is imploding.”

“I believe the Homestead coach went public about banning UF from campus on Twitter last week. The video isn’t going to be made public. That’s been sent directly to the NCAA. Kids are talking about it like crazy though. That’s why Herbert committed to Miami. That’s why Henderson is coming to Miami. That’s why Edwards won’t visit UF this weekend either and will sign with Miami.”

“Don’t worry, the donkey will be gone within a week. Only problem is, no coach worth a damn is going to want to touch that program. Guys just got cavalier and sloppy.”

https://www.seccountry.com/florida/flor … ation-ncaa

[quote]GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Rumors surfaced Thursday about the Florida football program committing an NCAA recruiting violation.

A source close to the program vehemently dismissed the allegations to SEC Country on Friday. A message board post — which later made the rounds social media — alleged that two UF assistant coaches offered cash to a prospect at Homestead High School. The poster also alleged there’s a video and it was provided to the NCAA.

The program source who spoke with SEC Country said Florida has not offered or recruited anyone from Homestead High School in three years. Florida State’s Ermon Lane, a 5-star prospect in 2014, is the last Homestead player UF recruited, according the source.

SEC Country also learned Friday that verbal commitments for the Gators were contacted by Miami staff members, who asked the recruits if they would reconsider the Hurricanes because of the alleged NCAA violation at Homestead. Members of Florida’s 2017 football recruiting class told SEC Country they received a text message from UF calling the rumors false.



They are either in trouble or have someone working against them

Neither is a good look

I wonder if this will cause a last minute hesitation to go by Stewart.

I know I wouldn’t want to be headed to a school potentially facing the death penalty. Also considering his parents prefer UofA.

I personally doubt it, but you never know right.

If the report above is correct, it could be the opposite of “hesitation”, and the reason for the commit. I would certainly hope not though, for the sake of the kid.

There were plenty of people who followed the last-minute flips last year and wondered if some shady business was going on at Fla.

Including the head coach here.

I have dubbed it “Pulling a Putu.”

Attaboy, Dudley. Pulling a Putu … now that’s a classic. Love it.

Good point.

Nothing will be done to Florida or Bucky. But it would be nice for Florida to have to play the hogs again! We beat them and pretty bad. If you go by recruiting rankings we should never beat Florida. So I don’t pay that much attention to stars. Kids that show discipline, are hard working and play with heart usually perform better than the self centered ones! They are as un ethical as JB at Florida State. Hope Bucky ends up working as a greeter at Wal Mart !

What do you have against Walmart ?