Hey General, I apologize

You warned us… I’m not sure firing Morris was the right decision at this point. Every time I say it can’t get worse, well, it does. This coaching search is embarrassing. This team won’t be any better without Morris. Should’ve fired Chavis and reassigned Craddock.


I wouldn’t say it was a wrong decision yet.

I wanted to give him a 3rd year unless he lost the locker room, which apparently he did, so I understand why he was fired at that point.

My concern was money and perception. Until we know who is hired and all the facts leading to the hiring, I wouldn’t say I’m right or wrong.


yeah. We don’t know who the hire might be so it means we don’t have anyone. Here in 3-4 weeks when we finally announce we’ve hired the 6a state champion high school coach, we’ll all know for sure we should have kept Morris. This is awful. HY was at the women’s basketball game today because he has given up. There can be no other explanation. We are so doomed.

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I’m in North Carolina and I am fairly sure I need to take an umbrella outside because the sky is falling in huge jagged chunks.

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Anybody notice that we scored more points against LSU at their place with our 5th QB of the year than GA did in the conference championship?

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I was on the same bus General was on. Firing Chad seemed to be a bad idea because of the optics to potential hires.

Being a couple of weeks removed and hearing some of what was going on in the locker room, it probably needed to happen. I don’t think many people realized he was so poorly respected. It was evident as the product on the field, but some of the stories are pretty eye-popping.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but I’m leaning more toward it was the right choice at the right time. Only sucks that our head start seems to count for almost nothing.

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Problem is we gave up 3x more and if they tried it could have been 5 x

We did the right thing firing Morris. It doesn’t matter who we replace him with, the new coach will be an improvement.

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Famous last words.

True… wasn’t saying we were great… just that with Lindsey at QB we scored 20… I’m sure LSU was not as motivated in our game as they were tonight but… still…

There’s the real problem the incompetent people running the show including our AD who “Morris’d” the coaching search on the national stage today. I really didn’t think a coaching search could be embarrassing as a fan until earlier today

I’m not sorry. Morris should have been fired after North Texas blowout last year.

Had he stayed, Hogs would have been 2-10 for three years straight.

Is there anything happening that makes you think we won’t be 2-10 again next year at this point? Perception matters and because of this search process, recruiting is going to be awful this year. I don’t see anything better than 2-10 next year.

CCM perception was the reality of losing to North Texas, San Jose State, and Western Kentucky, never winning an SEC game and never showing any improvement week after week.

Prior to CCM arrival, it took 20 plus years to lose 3 times to non-power 5 teams.

He was horrible. The players despised him and refused to play for him.

I don’t know what is going to happen with this hire, but NOTHING is worse than CCM era. Lunney is a big improvement, like it or not.

If this proves to be the disastrous coaching search so many so-called insiders say it is, we have problems a lot bigger than the football coach. This whole debacle started with mismanagement going back years. If as Dudley says Arkansas football is so bad, no good coach will take the job no matter how much we pay him, then Arkansas football is not going to recover in our lifetimes. So accept being the Vanderbilt of the SEC West and focus on baseball.

Disagreed with hiring of Morris.

Disagreed with firing of Morris.

Disagree with the selection process now in disaster mode.

Morris had a disastrous two years except in the area of recruiting. The recruiting class last year was one of the best in recent memory and that was pretty impressive considering the state of the program. His coaching appeared to be a huge problem but he was handed a dis-functional program and I think it is unfair to blame it all on him. Firing him was probably justified but the negative impact on recruiting and player retention made it a bad decision in my mind. I think the correct thing to do was to replace key parts of his coaching staff and get someone in place that could take over if things did not turn around next season. There is a lot of money going to buyouts and I would much rather spent on elite offensive and defensive coordinators than to fire Chad Morris only to then apparently replace him with another unproven coach. If the replacement was a solid experienced coach at the highest level then this move would have made some sense but to fire a guy to simply hire another with a similar resume is just hard to defend.

The early signing period makes it almost impossible to fire a coach without negatively impacting a recruiting class so I don’t know if there is a better way to do this but what I am sure of is this current way of doing it is not working.

My suggestion for the future is to make sure that there are really good offensive and defensive coordinators in place. These are the guys who do most of the player coaching and in this new era those coordinators should be of such quality that they are strong candidates for the head job if something happens. That to me is about the only way to lessen the negative impact on a recruiting class.