Hey Fellas any word on Dante Walker

After watching his film I’m convinced he’s elite. Would love to keep him but numbers are getting tight.


After watching his film I’m convinced he’s elite. Would love to keep him but numbers are getting tight.

[/quote]Wonder if Scott’s departure changes anything with Walker?

Scott’s departure would worry me on this one as well.

He probably signs with the gamecocks

He was recruited by Caldwell too. That’s who would be coaching him.

His biggest deal is that he needs to get everything in order academically so he can go to either school.

The reason for his lack of commitable offers?

Yes. Haven’t we been over this a plethora of times now?

I thought so

Okay so is it looking like he will end qualifying?? and if so do you guys thinking the staff keeps him

I bet he makes some visits. We’ll see.

Well… I seem to recall you saying last November he had commitable offers to Alabama and Georgia and I was quite certain he did not. Did I miss you saying I was right way back when?:grinning:

I never thought he’d be a Razorback and have said as much so I’m not disappointed that he won’t be signing.

Don’t recall saying he had committable offers from Bama or Ga. Show me and I’ll say other wise.

Not saying he’s not signing, but saying he might take other visits. Based on what I was hearing recently I thought it was a good chance he signed, but didn’t say 100% for sure.

You can have the best sources and even they will change their tune from time-to-time. I promise you things can change hourly, daily and weekly in the Fred Smith complex with each and every coaching staff.

I provided a link in my previous post from back in November where several of us had a robust discussion about offers - commitable, non- commitable, etc. Dudley said in that exchange that his contacts at Alabama and Georgia said he was a take. A few weeks so he said he did not recall saying that.


It’s all good, but the next time a 4 star kid from Georgia with no U of A ties commits to 2-10 Arkansas over the Dawgs, Tide, or Clemson his supposed offers should be taken with a grain salt. If it appears to be to good to be true it usually is.

I got hammered pretty good for my skepticism and questioning of this kid’s list of real offers which is fine - I’m used to it. But I hope folks that only follow recruiting on occasion learn to be more discerning about “offers” and how the game works. It will help them manage their expectations about our competitiveness on the field.

Bottom line - all offers are not created equal. Far from it.

I think most understand that.

Were there others on Arkansas’ signee or committed list that had non-committable, you bet. Same as not all of Arkansas’ offers are committable.

I don’t see anything wrong with my post. I stated my position clearly on what I did to check on the offers and also on the middle school antics that you used to bring to the table.

It’s clear he was offered and the schools then backed off because of grade concerns.

Same reason Arkansas would not let him sign in December, something that has been noted on here many times.

Perhaps most on this board get that, but not so sure about Joe Six Pack Fan or I wouldn’t be forced to listen to friends and work colleagues tell me how puzzled they are about Ty Storey not working out given he was really wanted by Alabama, lament the fact Santos struggled given we beat LSU for him, etc.

If you put in one of your articles that X player picked Arkansas over offers from A, B, C, D they take that as gospel and don’t realize there are different types of “offers.” I’m Not saying I necessarily think you should point out all of these variables to your readers ( things change, etc.), but a fan not being knowledgeable about the way the game is played certainly ramps up expectations about specific players and classes in the minds of the masses and ultimately head scratching when on field production is less than desired. Of course, some of that is on the fans - some of us love recruiting and follow it closely, gather info from multiple sources, etc. I think we’re the fans that tend to temper expectations because of this.

Have you told others who had him picking Arkansas over Ga and Bama?

I’m not sure what you mean, but I told my brother who follows recruiting much less closely than I do not to get excited about Walker because he did not have commitable offers from those schools because he was a huge grade risk.

Others that wrote he chose Arkansas over Ga. and Bama because they did.