Hey Elmo. You got 257 posts on this board. Are any not attacking Morris?

Send me a link. I have never seen any post from you that was not an attack on Morris or someone he recruited. Prove what a fan and how impartial you are. Show us where you care more about the Razorbacks than you care about attacking Morris. I am expecting a vacuum and a big ignore of this post. Prove me wrong.

I’d be curious about that, too.

So far…just crickets chirping in the night. Elmo? Elmo? Buehler?

Just us crickets bumping along.

You don’t like my posts about a coach that has no business being the coach at Arkansas, or the SEC West, don’t read them. When the Hogs do well, and there is credit to be given, you’ll see it. Trust me. But there is no way you’re getting any good words about that guy right now.

Translation: “You’ve caught me. I’ve never posted anything about any subject besides this coach. I might post something else someday.” :roll:

Yep…I will post something else. As soon as this coach looks like he can prepare a team to compete, not have our program looking like the laughing stock of college football, get control of the players, and win some games, then you’ll see some praise.

That hasn’t happened yet. Has it???

Again if you dont like it, don’t read it.

So, you basically confirm all you have ever posted were attacks on Morris and his recruits. You got a big credibility problem. You might at least try to pretend you care about the Razorbacks instead of just caring about hating on Morris. Just a one trick pony that deserves to be ignored.

Elmo = I hate Morris and could not care less about the Razorbacks.

The best thing we can all do is just watch and keep the negative comments in your back pocket! It won’t help the hogs!

You know . I wish the Hogs had hired the coach from Memphis that elmo wanted. That guy walked into a situation in Memphis where the offense and defense was already in place, so he looks like a winner in elmo’s eyes. Kind of like Brett did in Wisconsin. I would be curious if the guy from Tiger high would be winning here given the circumstances . I doubt it. He probably would be in the same boat as Chad. Then we could ride elmo about it. But, we wouldn’t because we would give that coach a chance. Unlike Elmo. This , by the way, is the last time I ever comment on anything elmo posts. Bye ,Bye .

Where do you guys keep getting this crap about Norvell??? I never once said I wanted the guy. Not one time.

And I don’t hate CCM. Never said that. Don’t think that. I just do not like him as our coach.

And I do care about the Razorbacks. That’s why I am so displeased about this coach, this hire, and their performance. These players deserve better.

And we could have had plenty of good, winning coaches come here. All it takes is money. Like the money they were offering Gus. Don’t tell me there were NO MORE options than a guy with a losing record from SMU.

Elmo - I hope you are wrong about Morris, but to date there is nothing from an on the field performance standpoint to suggest you are wrong. For those advocating strongly for Morris they merely “hope” he’ll be a good coach. There is nothing about the performance to date that suggests he’ll be successful.

Time will tell.

I say all this to encourage you to say what you believe. This board ( posters not administrators), in the past, has been at times unwelcoming of contrary views or views that are considered to be negative. I look at several message boards and this one tends to have a lot of posters that support coaches and administrators without asking a lot of tough questions - sort of the blind sheep school of fandom. I happen to think having way too many supporters of this mindset is why we are where we are as a program - our leaders have made so many poor decisions with little accountability due to the compliant nature of too many supporters and, frankly, media members.

Thankfully, that’s starting to change and it needs to in the worst way. We also need media members holding them accountable and more and more are. Someone asked Bo Mattingly today if these awful performances indicate Morris is in over his head - his response was “ that’s a very fair question.” BRAVO Bo! It is indeed and I was pleased to see that response rather than an immediate defense of the coach which I’ve seen all too many times in the past.

I’m HOPEFUL Morris is the guy to turn it around and I’m going to support him and the program, but at the end of the day he’s a 15-25 HC and his best record as a CF HC is 7-5. Given the magnitude of this rebuild we’re entrusting a lot in a guy with limited HC experience.

So again keep posting!! - diversity of opinion and a questioning attitude among a fanbase is much better than a flock of group think sheep.

Hope your doing well Army ! WPS

Good post, WPS

Cheers for that, JR!

I just am an honest and direct kind of person. I go off what I see and feel. So far what I have seen and felt is not good.

You got anything honest and direct to say about Razorback basketball, track, baseball, our facilities, anything about football that is not an attack against Morris or his recruits? Your silence on those subjects tells the true story of you being a Troll not a fan. 262 Elmo posts, none before Morris was hired, zero posts on anything other than an attack on Morris and still counting. JMVVVVVHO.