Hey Dudley

I know it’s too early to start setting this stage but man it sure would be great if we could get three or more BB players/transfers to also extend and take their covid-19 additional free year. What do you think?

This question was asked about a week ago. Think the response was it’s too early to say.

Thanks thehuntinhog

Here’s the thread

Thanks again hunt. And what adds personal humor to that for me is I recall reading that very thread when it came out last week. :rofl: Scanning over daily threads when I’m sleepy doesn’t register with the same validity. :grimacing:

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It would be nice to have Smith back. I’m not sold on Vance Jackson yet! He needs to show some defensive changes especially rebounding. Tate the jury is out as well.
Sills will be the leader of the team next year and he should show some of the leadership this season as well.
Moody could rave early for sure but I hope he comes back for one more year.

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