Hey, Dudley, I fear Ainge...

went home from the NBA draft laughing again. Criminal that a perfect piece with lottery talent fell to the C’s that late in the draft. I’m guessing that A&M had some major goings on off court last year for Williams to drop that low. The other bigs that were drafted just aren’t that much more talented than him IMO.

Could see him having a Deandre Jordan like career.

Maybe his sleeping through his press conference is a reason. Nice 1st showing on his part

It wasn’t a press conference. It was an introductory phone call from the team. The Celtics claim they called an hour early because of the time difference. But, yeah, there is obviously a concern about his work ethic and desire for him to slip that far. I’m sure life is hectic for a draft choice the week of the draft. If oversleeping the day after the draft is his biggest problem, I’m sure Ainge will be very happy in the long run.

Let him show up late a few times for practice or miss a plane ride and he will be in the dog house!

He’ll be fine once the vets get ahold of him.

It’s one of the reasons he dropped to us.

The vets? They are all kids.

Al Horford 32
Aaron Baynes 31
Marcus Morris 28

It isn’t getting better, Dudley.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.espn.com/nba/story//id/2396 … e-practice">http://www.espn.com/nba/story//id/23967447/robert-williams-absent-boston-celtics-first-summer-league-practice</LINK_TEXT>

He made it to practice this morning.

So it is getting better - albeit there is a low bar

What is also getting better is that Celtics have an easier path to the finals without King James in the eastern conference

Did Billy Kennedy let him show up for practice if he felt like it?

Yeah, but winning it all just got way harder, Boogie to the Warriors

Those McHale, Parish, Bird, Maxwell teams were so much fun to watch.

Kevin McHale was my favorite.

But I loved them all.

Too bad I lost interest in the NBA years ago.