Hey Don Wells

FWIW…I have been told that the firing of JL is the 2 X 4 busted over his skull and CBB finally realizes he is in deep trouble and he is fighting for his job. Don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but he is probably working the Broyles Complex I would guess. Will it be enough?.. most likely no but apparently he is trying…so there might be a slim chance…like a white Christmas in Arkansas.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if he’s working the Broyles Complex, I’d say he’s in deep trouble. There ain’t no Broyles Complex. :smiley:

Talking to the construction workers. :smiley:

LOL thank you for doing that just for me

sure…metaphor…some things die hard I guess

Really just thought I would ask …used to know a couple former BOT members who were good sources…just asked is there any chance?..

Hey, I understand. I still call our Bud Walton Arena “Barnhill” about half the time.