Hey Clay, I got a couple print HI questions

Hey Clay, hope y’all are all doing well.

I was curious, I know starting last year we got two recruiting issues… one for the early signing period and one after the Feb signing period… did we do that again this year ? I like to keep those and I’ve not seen a second one.

Second is how old is HI going to be when this upcoming football preview comes out ? And do you have any ideas for the cover yet? Me personally I always enjoy the covers that are like photos that are taken specifically for HI… Like the one when BWA was under construction… just a timeless classic.


Cover ideas?

How about one from a routine of our all-American gymnasts in mid-air on beam, floor, bars, or vault. Lots to be proud of with this program.

An article or two on gymnastics program might even increase female and young person readership. It’s a growing sport!

I believe that HI started the same year we actually began playing conference football games as a member of the SEC…which would be 1992. If so, they are about to start their 30th year in business.

First day on the job was April 13, 1992. We are in Volume 30. Volume 1 started in June. But we did print a magazine since April 13. So the June mag will be our second in our 30th year.

Volume 2 started in December of our first year. That is confusing but the January issue (printed in mid December) is always the first issue of a volume.

We won’t put a gymnast on the cover of the Football Preview. Fred is silly.

Our mission is not so much to “grow a sport.” Not sure Fred understands that. What I’d like to do is grow the magazine. Kinda tough in a Covid year.

I wish I could print a magazine with 100 pages each time and cover a lot more. We’d be broke pretty fast.

I don’t want to reveal the cover photo yet.

There was only one recruiting issue and it was after the early period. If they had signed any players in the late period, we might have done a second. But they signed zero players in February. Not really a reason to print all the capsules again with no new players.

oh yeah, “football preview” was the question–overlooked that. However, it is reasonable to say you can “grow” the magazine by featuring gymnastics sometime–in the off-prime football/basketball/baseball season, namely in prime gymnastics season. Clay can be an old foggie sometimes; I’m sure he understands that.

We will do some gymnastics features. I promise that. Not in the football preview. I am old. Convicted.

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