Hey Clay. I do respect your right to run this board as you see fit --------------------------

-------------------------------------- and I understand that political talk can get out of hand quickly so it may be best to avoid it all, but I just wish we could all learn to disagree without it becoming nuclear. Maybe that is naive on my part, but I am not as interested in fishing, water melons, dog shows, and all the other non-sports posts (well maybe fishing is a sport, sort of) as some on the board so I tend to push that border more than a lot of folks. I stand corrected and I will try to respect your boundaries better in the future.

I’m very thankful for the rules about politics on this board. It looks to me to be just a few posters who want their political views known. And it’s a repeat over and over. We know their views by now and it ads nothing to the board. I have social media to keep up with friends and family that are scattered across the nation and it’s frustrating to see the arguments from all sides. I get so sick of it. This board is my haven for Hog info with other fun subjects thrown in…politics are not a fun subject.

Thanks Clay and all mods. Keep up the good work.


Hogmodo, I had a very similar conversation with a friend of mine 2 days ago. We have been friends since 1st grade so thats 45+ years. We are polar opposites as far as politics are concerned. I’m a die-hard conservative and he is a die-hard liberal. WE argue politics all the time, but we can distinguish the difference between a person and their political views. I like him and always will, but I really dislike his politics. I’m sure he is the same way. I’m not sure if its unusual ability/skill to be able to view the person as a whole and not just view them as their bundle of political views, but it is something that seems to be in short supply with many many people these days. His political views will never make me hate him, nor him me. Why is that so hard a concept for people to grasp? I feel that is a major reason society cannot even discuss a problem these days as too many cannot separate the opinions from the person so it devolves into too much hate.


Well put, votan. Go Steelers!

When you’ve been friends and you often meet face-to-face, it’s totally different than discussing politics with someone you only know from a message board.

It’s just like Twitter. People run their mouths on Twitter and will say things they will only say behind a keyboard. They would never do it in-person.


Yes, yes, yes

This is a great board that I enjoy very much until it turns political. It then makes me sick to my stomach. TV is bad enough! This should be a safe haven for we sports nuts!!

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Because of the way Covid-19 impacts sports, it’s hard to separate the two. But I do hate when we veer into politics. I appreciate those who try to keep us on track.


BTW that is another thing we differ on… he is a Cowboy fan (spit). We once went to
a game down in Dallas when the Steelers were coming to town. As I remember, Steelers
were behind I think in the late 3rd or early 4th and I told him I was not worried, Dallas would fumble and Steelers would get a go ahead TD and win the game. It happened and Steelers won. We also got to meet several of the Dallas Cheerleaders after the game and I got a nice autograph from a really hot red-head. (redheads are my Kryptonite) All in all a great trip, made sweeter by a Steeler victory.

If the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are any part of a political debate on here. Maybe 1 exception could be made to the rules!

I can’t stand the labels as nouns and how we tend to associate our identity to these labels. Perhaps we should focus on the words as adjectives. I’d rather not be known as either a conservative or a liberal, but as a nice-guy.

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It’s all part of the divisive climate we live in and this platform and others like it facilitated by the internet. I like to argue politics and do so on this board too much. I’ve violated the rules. I dip in and out of it. I have to keep reminding myself I’ll never change any of your minds. But if I or others at least provoke a little thought in board members then maybe it’s worth it. Then again, I really shouldn’t violate the rules. Sometimes it’s like a hot stove. Can’t help touching it.

I’m in the same boat. I can only justify some skirting of the rules on the fact that sports are hurting and anything is better than a blank page.

I catch myself dipping into the politics stuff here. But 9 times out of 10 I back off and delete before posting.
You guys are right, what much else is there these days.
Geeze, I’m ready to just talk about practices - any real practices that is.

The insidious aspect of the “Big Lie” that Hitler and his gang perfected is if the lie is big enough, repeated enough, goes unchallenged enough, then it gets believed. It is kind of like the Junior High kids who get in a fight and they both point at the other saying “he started it.” So, since I get tired of hearing “fake news”, “fake poll”, “fake virus”, etc. going unchallenged, I can’t keep my mouth shut. So, my excuse is:

All of those ranting “its all fake if I don’t like it” folks started it and made me be obnoxious ------------------ again.

I agree. If I were to chose those labels, I suppose I possess both qualities. More importantly, the very nature of the label creates sides, which I am opposed to. I am of the mind we are all on the same side. What’s great about this board is that we are all hog fans and understand everyone’s (well most) opinion about the hogs, whether I agree or disagree, stems from their love for the hogs, so I can’t fault them for that. I also believe that everyone on this board wants the best for humanity…and to talk about the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders - though I suspect cheerleaders will soon disappear.

I’ll be glad when life is back to abnormal again… Hogs winning football games.

And as a moderator, I will really (really, really) be glad when there is Razorback news to report and we can discuss that.

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The toughest thing I ever did was tell my father that he could not write a column about politics and his favorite politician (Bill Clinton) for our magazine. It was a polarizing column to say the least. It was entertaining and well written. But it was so strong for Bill that it was clearly going to irritate (or anger) some of our subscribers, probably about half.

I called to talk to him about it. He started laughing. He said, "Clay, don’t run it. I sent it to the newspaper (and he wrote for both HI and the DG then) and they wouldn’t run it either. I wish I had saved it. He said, “I know you can’t run a column about who I think should be president.” Nothing in the column had a thing to do with sports and for sure nothing about the Razorbacks. Even his wife (my stepmother) said she was stunned he wrote it and sent it to me for consideration.

But if I won’t let my own father discuss politics here, I’m not going to let anyone else do it, either.

As far as writing about fishing, I understand it’s off topic and will be ignored by some. That’s fine. But I don’t think it’s polarizing. If it does not interest you, I get it.

The fishing columns are designed for the newspaper and not so much for the Whole Hog Sports websites. But I do attach all of them to my column header on the site. I know some will read them and many others will not. I do know that they get read. The click throughs and the amount of time someone is logged into that story tells me they are getting read.

It’s something that’s fun for me to write about. I don’t do it all the time and when football gets rolling, they disappear altogether.


I wish you’d saved the column your dad wrote about Clinton. 20+ years later it probably wouldn’t be as polarizing & would’ve been some great history. You were right not to run in the magazine, though.