Hey Clay! Have you looked at the Tel Aviv ad that pops up on the right sometimes..................


I am talking about the one with three skinny guys in speedos and one in long shorts. Turns out to be something about traveling to Tel Aviv in Israel. I clicked on it and it shows photo after photo of the guys drinking champagne together, sitting in each other’s laps, and laying on the beach apparently holding hands. What kind of membership do these advertisers think you have on this board? Do you think there are many potential customers for what they are selling here?!?!? :lol:

Well you clicked on the ad so now they’ve gathered information on you…

You are right! :frowning: I guess I need to delete all my cookies and go into hiding!

No, I haven’t seen it. I don’t click on stuff like that, either. :lol:

Can be connected to your surfing habits away from HI. :slight_smile:

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Wait! Am I the only one that has seen it?

There are some ads that follow you, but there are a lot that show up “out of nowhere.” This ad was so “unusual” that I wondered what they were advertising. I don’t go to those kind of places!

In my best Jerry Seinfeld," Not that there is anything wrong with that…"

Oh thank goodness for Adblock Plus.

You do now,
Al least they think so, :innocent:

Clay’s going to ruin me. My ads are all about guitars and amplifiers. Search retargeting is showing me everything I’ve been lusting after. I’ve already bought one guitar because of these ads, and trying to resist is hard.

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Most likely it is a targeted ad based on your internet viewing habits.

We’re actually flying into Tel Aviv Friday. On United airlines and I’m hoping that Cody Mosier is our pilot. Noticed in the Where Are They Now article he is about to begin the Newark to Tel Aviv route on United.

My ads are all about food in Tel Aviv. Guess that tells where my internet searches have been.


That sounds like a fun trip. I would love to make a trip to Jerusalem one day.

We are very excited. We’ll be there a couple of weeks.

Haven’t see that one, but I do get a lot of Fanatics ads for the Cowboys, Cardinals and Cowboys.

Last Friday I got an ad for Olive Garden’s endless pasta deal. My wife and I ate there (her decision) on her birthday the day before.