Hey, are all the Morality National Champs Jokesters

Mark Emmitt the president of the NCAA was on CBS this morning and was talking the need to change rules! He has been well away if the cheating going on and he is part of the problem just like the Hall of Fame coaches that should be fired and their entire record removed from the record books! You will never get change when you change the rules to allow unethical conduct!
This is right in line with the marriage issue in this country! Just expand the rules and make it where anything goes that is man’s way to throw ethics and integrity in the trash can to satisfy the wicked!
It may end up getting to a point I stop watching NCAA basketball just like I’ve stopped watching the NFL!

Yea, you’re right I made an offer to ignore you, and ask you to do the same to me, you refused my offer, then you made the snarky comment about how you get entertainment from embarrassing me and how this was a free country. So, I decided to take your free country advice and respond to you whenever I feel like it.

And you seriously need to look in the mirror, I don’t have people from other message boards and other forums calling me out for embarrassing myself in multiple places. You just recently had a guy from the football forum over here laughing at you at your hypocrisy saying how you embarrassed yourself over there spamming the board saying the same stuff over and over. And every time somebody tries to tell you you’re making a fool of yourself you accuse them of picking on you and not being open to different opinions. Nobody has a problem with different opinions, it’s the way you you go about it. You have radical opinions based on 0 facts and you say the SAME THING IN EVERY SINGLE THREAD. When I logged on this morning, your name was the last post in 6 different threads and you were saying the same stuff OVER AND OVER, like if you keep on saying it, it will make it true. Sorry, that’s not how the world works.

Andy Miller at AAU events.

I’m not surprised at all.

While I don’t think it is in my best interest legally to name names right now, I know of some Arkansas targets that were paid to go to other places.

There have also been players who have landed here that have turned down $ offers to go elsewhere.

I will also note that not every coach here has been as clean as many would like, but there has never been rampant cheating going on here consistently.

Knock it off. Remind yourself of the rules and then abide by them.

It’s fine to disagree, but poking at each other is not.

C’mon Marty I just made some popcorn


C’mon Marty I just made some popcorn