Hey, are all the Morality National Champs Jokesters

still around? I haven’t seen much from them lately.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … estigation

https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/bl … ssion=true

I’m not naive. I know there is some level of corner-cutting at most programs.

But, it seems to me that there are a handful of blue-blood programs that are at another level of sleaziness and cheating.

This thing is gaining steam. I don’t see any way Sean Miller survives and Izzo will be very lucky to keep his job. I bet he ends up retiring after this season.

The emails in the one article are amazing simply in terms of the level of detail and brazenness/stupidity.

If they tell us anything it should be that when a moribund program suddenly starts recruiting at previously unmatched levels, there’s probably a reason.

Vandy, Bama, LSU, Baylor, Auburn, TCU, SMU, I’m looking at you (UK is a given).

You forgot Mississippi State.

Bottom line, it is difficult to believe that anybody can recruit at elite levels in this environment and be clean. It was the best evidence against Lance Armstrong. He won when everybody was doping.


I agree. That’s why the “how could we ‘let’ such and such blue-chipper go to UK/FLA, etc.” outrage is stupid.

The bidding for the 5-stars is intense.

I’ve never criticized any Arkansas coach for not landing a major recruit because I never knew what being a good recruiter meant. If players generally performed better than their ranking, that was good enough for me. I figured that evaluation was the only factor that the coaches could control.

I’m waiting on them too Notorious. They are real quiet right now. This FBI investigation doesn’t fit their “CMA always gets outcoached” narrative. My guess is we won’t see too many of them until after our next loss, when they can change the narrative again.

I’ve always thought CMA has done a great job recruiting here at Arkansas while doing things clean. It would have been easy to offer guys like Archie Goodwin, Malik Monk, and Reggie Perry money to play here at Arkansas, but he refused to play that game and ruin Arkansas in the long run, despite some of our own fans criticizing his recruitment efforts of them. Some of us knew how these things were going, it’s finally good now to see some of this stuff coming to light.

I still havnt seen the ‘everyone that knew’ and said nothing/did nothing list. The complicity list. That’s a looong list I bet.

Miller at Arizona will get the ax! Izzo at Michigan State is already in trouble for being part of the turn your head and let sexual misconduct, rape and abuse be common place and not enforcing or reporting it ! He may not be able to retire some young ladies father may want a little one on one time with him! He is a dirt bag!
The list will get longer and this will be interesting to follow. I hope the FBI hammer comes down because the NCAA won’t do anything.

Good point about Izzo Army. I’ve read volumes on the mess at Michigan State and it’s sickening. Worse than Baylor (which is horrible). I’m the kinda dad (2 daughters) that would probably be in jail now if they had assaulted one of them and covered it up.

Street agents have been common knowledge from those that keep up with college basketball. And corruption with some coaches has been whispered about a lot. This could change the landscape for a while. Getting the FBI involved brings things to a whole new level.

Nice thread Notarious. Mike has his faults but he’s an honest man who represents us with integrity. We now have proff what the term “elite recruiter” means.

After all is said and done, if all you have left is a good name, then you have enough.


Lets all exhale now that Arkansas is not on this list. However, lets not get on our morality horse just yet, we never know if this thing might grow as people start giving up evidence to save themselves. I hope that Arkansas stays clear of this mess.

It has been the worst kept secret for years how dirty college basketball recruiting has been. I have to believe that the sport has gotten so bad that every coaching staff felt they had to play the game to a certain extent to be competitive.

BTW, watching Seth Greenberg give his morality lecture on ESPN this morning makes me want to puke.

true! They just don’t like Coach A for reason beyond basketball

It is written a good name is worth more than Gold!

What the hell does that mean?

I don’t see why this needs to become a bash the Mike critics post by some. Recruiting and Coaching are two separate issues.

If you don’t like the discussion you’re welcome to go to another thread, nobody mentioned you or invited you to post in here. I don’t know what you thought was going to be in here, but people with reading comprehension skills could read the title and see what this thread was about.

You said you would not respond to me any more weeks ago, but you continue to do it. In fact you accused me of continuing it and there is no basis except that I will respond if your lies reach a level that is unacceptable. This thread is a good example in that I didn’t quote you and you could have ignored it. Nobody has to invite me and this is a free country. The title is ambiguous in regards to pointing towards mike’s critics. Why do you continue to respond to me? I have no desire to deal with your lies and twisting of stories peppered with child like behaviors. I will continue to critique Mike if I feel like it. All you do is make yourself look bad with these attacks when I don’t call Mike names, I am respectful towards the man unlike posters on the FB board last year towards CBB. You don’t like my opinion and I judge a man by his enemies… after watching your behavior, I am proud to say you don’t like me. Like I’ve told you before just go away and stop throwing grenades at people that don’t agree with your opinions.

I can see where this is going.