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Orioles executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias revealed this afternoon why outfielder Heston Kjerstad, the second overall pick in the 2020 draft, was withheld from the alternate camp site and fall instructional league.
Kjerstad didn’t participate in any activities after having “an episode of myocarditis,” which is an inflammation of the heart muscle.


Double yikes. That suggests but certainly doesn’t confirm that COVID was involved. Myocarditis is what prompted the Big Ten to shut down football last summer, only to change their mind later when better cardiac testing for its athletes became available.

Oh, scary.

What suggests involvement of Covid is your post.

Oh give me a break. What else is more likely to give a healthy 22-year-old myocarditis? The Orioles couldn’t be specific because it’s a “non-sports medical issue.” Gee, wonder what that might have been?


Your posting history suggests you don’t understand this concept, but I’ll try anyway:

When someone disagrees with you, doubling down on your position (as you did here), shouting a little louder from the rooftop (as you often do), or insulting the one who disagrees with you (which you didn’t do here, but is your most common go-to move), is totally ineffective at getting them TO agree with you.


Actually as a physician I would agree that COVID is the most likely explanation for myocarditis in our current environment.

Certainly not the only cause, but would be high on the differential in 2021.

But it is all speculation. And we would all hope that it resolves.

Really tough news. Hope he improves rapidly and completely so he can have a great baseball career. GHG!

Terrible news. The China virus may well be a factor.

I’ll wait for the final analysis of Heston’s condition and hopefully finding the cause and source, before
Speculating. Even with the recent knowledge of the connection between COVID & Myocarditis. But Myocarditis was around before COVID to. Although I never heard of it before, not that I should have I guess.
Hoping for the best for Him. God Bless

Does anybody know if Kjerstad had COVID previously? Or the Orioles could be holding that info.

Praying for Heston!

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