Heston leads comeback win in Team USA intra-squad game

Knocks in the tying run, then scores the winning run.

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By the way . . . Casey (Martin) started in the outfield today . . . :wink:

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Heston continues to do well in the intra-squad games. Casey M. played 3rd in Friday’s game, and Casey O went 1 for 3 and threw out a runner.

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I’m pulling for Casey to play any other position other than SS. It’s not his natural position.

I do think that SS is Martin’s natural position. But he played out of position last year (3B) and needs to work on some of the basics. What do you think his position should be?

You may already know my answer and be directing your question specifically to thewerners4 . . . but I posted here 2 months ago that I see Casey’s future in the outfield at the pro level. He has great speed and a plus arm. Seems like his footwork gets in the way at SS, and that wouldn’t be an issue in the outfield.

I would not mind putting Casey in the outfield because because of his speed and his arm I think it might take the pressure off him and allow him to hit better I think his difficulties in the field this year hurt him at the plate.

There was some discussion earlier in the year about Casey maybe “playing his way into the outfield.” I think some TV announcers speculated on this also.

It will be interesting to see what an off-season of practice will do for him at SS. His lateral quickness is amazing. He would have MLB take for sure. Hopefully, he just needs practice and confidence to make a major leap. Seems like the problem with the footwork and that little hitch he takes before throwing could be fixed.

The remedy for Martin, both in the field and at bat, is to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Be quick but don’t hurry. He is quicker than anyone on the field but his throws are hurried, even though he almost always has plenty of time. Hurry is the enemy of catching the ball, of turning the double play and of setting the feet. Once he gets hurry eliminated in the field, it will carry over to the batters box.

The problem with us playing him in the outfield is who are you going to move OUT of a position there for him to take?

I guess you could leave Franklin in Left and play Casey in Center. But I figure one of the newcomers will need to play the outfield.

I’m with Wiz, I believe he will play in the outfield at the next level…

Casey needs to be in center next year.

He’s too error prone as a SS.

Also, it’s pretty clear Big league guys think he translates to a Center fielder in the pros. I heard the ESPN crew say it several times, and now he’s playing Center for team USA.

As weird as it may sound… Franklin May have his own things to worry about. I think those Juco guys coming in are going to end up taking his spot. They didn’t come to sit the bench, and they can both, absolutely stroke.

Will be interesting to see. But he’s going to have to really increase his hitting to keep his spot next year.

It’s a great problem we are about to have.

Those JUCO guys may be able to stoke it but Franklin has speed and can go get the ball! He also can hit! Don’t rule out Washington hitting his way into the lineup.

So can they.

Franklin has a great freshman year for us.

I’m just saying, he will have to hit better, and more consistently to keep them from taking his spot. .270 won’t keep his spot, when there are guys who will likely hit 300+ with double digit homeruns coming in. They can stroke.

We are talking about two, elite guys in the batters box, both good defensively too. This is also their big money year.

Washington has exciting potential, but the few times I saw him in the field he was shaky. He’ll have to shore up that area to get much playing time with all of the talented options we’ll have this season. He’s got the speed and he’s a good hitter, but he need more reps to develop judgement on fly balls (i.e., “jump”) and to be more secure in his ability to catch the ball. I really don’t know how strong his arm is, either.

Opitz homered in today’s game, the team’s first against another team (prior games had been intra-squad). Heston was the DH, and no Casey Martin. Not sure if he made the final squad?

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The plan was to announce the final roster today but I don’t see anything at the team website and the team roster remains at 36 names. Eight of the invitees had already been tagged as more-or-less locks to make the final roster; Opitz was one of those eight (that could be because there are only two catchers in camp).

Since the team is playing Cuba tomorrow, they have to announce the final roster soon, and their Twitter feed says it will be tonight.

Remember dvh moved Martin to ss because he wanted a 2 year starter at that position. Next year being his second. Now dvh can of course change his mind but that is why he moved him from 3rd to ss. Dvh also said 2nd base might be his best position in pro ball. We shall all see

Roster is out. HK and Opitz made the cut, Martin didn’t.