Heston is having one of those nights

Like he had a while back. Just not looking good at the plate. But Luke gets a 2 out single with Dominic coming up. A 2-jack would sure make me feel good right here.

Hope it’s just one of those nights and doesn’t prolong itself into the next game.

Last time he did he came back with a homerun!

He may have struggle at the plate but he made the plays on defense his way.

He has shown a great ability to bounce back. And the way this lineup is going we have 5-6 guys that can step up and go 4-4 damage and carry us.

We just need to play ball and we can beat anyone—especially since we have the pitching stacked and will be rested and ready to rumble.

I bet he rakes in the finals.

He’s a great player. I’m not worried about him staying this way. He’ll be fine by the finals, I’m sure. It’s just that he had a bad night tonight.

he was not aggressive tonight was the problem took about 4 FB right down the pipe very unlike him.

he was not aggressive tonight was the problem took about 4 FB right down the pipe very unlike him.

Yes, his defensive game lately has more than made up for earlier outfield stumbles and weak bat.

As long as it’s only him or only 1 Hog having a bad night at the plate we are fine because there are plenty others to pick up the slack huh Dominic who had another one of those nights just the opposite.
No worries.

I wonder if we’ve had a CWS with back to back 4 hit games by two different individuals.

I think he’ll be alright. Just don’t want to see any of our guys go into a prolonged slump. But, yes, he’s been play great on defense as well.

He needs to move back from the plate just a little. They were throwing strikes under his armpit several times. He could get more power on the inside pitches if he wouldn’t crowd the plate so much…

The really neat thing is that we got this win without any kind of offensive contribution from either Heston, Shaddy or Cole (the latter two, of course, did make very nice defensive plays). But you know those guys won’t be down for long. You just know one or more will make a significant offensive production in these upcoming games.