Heston Already Raking in Spring Training

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3 for 3 w 2 home runs. Barely missed a third one but still got a hit. Hoping to see him in Camden later in the year.

He was born to hit… he is a machine that can hit the ball out of any part of the ballpark it’s an approach that needs to be copied a lot more than it is.

He is such a talented player. He seems to be back to full strength and ready to advance. I understand them taking it slow with him last year, but it seems that he won’t let going slow continue.

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He may be ready for the show!

He hasn’t gone above High A yet but I bet that progression will happen quickly. Maybe by August he’s ready for the show.

I still recall that Dave decided he wanted him way before his growth spurt. His dad was 6-4. Dave figured he was gonna grow.

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Yup, the author of this article agrees with you.

Because he’s missed so much time, Kjerstad hasn’t played above High-A, which is why the Orioles sent him to the Fall League last year to get more at-bats. If he keeps hitting at this rate, he may force his way into the big leagues before the end of 2023.

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