Hess and LSU....

Find themselves behind 5-0 to Oregon State in the 3rd with Hess walking in two in a row.

He has thrown 78 pitches and the inning is still not over.

I love it.

I typically root for the SEC. But never for LSU!

This ^^^!

I very much agree. And glad it’s happening to Hess, too.

Seems like every time I watch LSU and Hess and they aren’t playing us he’s in the soup and having to scramble every inning. It’s frustrating that we didn’t whip them. Hogs are a much better team.

Hess is suffering from dead arm! Too much work and stress last week! The LSU offense has been their own worst enemy.
Runners on base and getting cute in the 1st through 3rd innings with weird double plays! Keep going to the junk ball and it gets you in trouble sometimes.

I was just saying that to a buddy. Didn’t he pitch in LSU’s 1st game in the SEC then come back and pitch against us?

Yes. They made that long run to the championship game only to go home empty-handed and perhaps with an ace with a tired arm.

Even a Stormtrooper could have hit Hess tonight and they can’t seem
to hit anything in the galaxy!!

This seems to happen just about every year to a team that goes to Sunday in Hoover. Winning that tournament is not worth the ramifications it can have on your team in the NCAAs. Fans remember super regionals and Omaha, not Hoover.

Amen! If the hogs would have beaten LSU in Hoover Bolden, Bonnin and Ramage would have gotten some work! That’s all that could have happened. Also the risk of a player getting injured! Killing a pitchers arm to win a SEC tournament isn’t worth anything!

Word! Manieri hurt his team’s chances in this regional when he pitched Hess against us, all for a meaningless SECT championship. I still don’t get it. By the time we had faced them, LSU was already firmly off the bubble for NCAAT, so why waste your ace’s arm? Give the young kids a chance & some experience.