He's right

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: Neglect rampant in college baseball

Grossly unfair, stupid and shortsighted.
Mean spirited abuse with intent.


The NCAA membership should be ashamed of itself."

especially the last two lines!

No wonder it’s the cleanest sport in college athletics. Maybe the NCAA is trying to avoid the pay for play scandals they are dealing with in college FB & BB.
Oh my bad, they don’t deal with it there either.

I’m no fan of the NCAA administration, but to blame “the NCAA” for this lets those actually responsible off the hook. It’s not the institution of the NCAA that’s to blame; it’s the athletic directors and administrators of the Big 12 and Big 10. They’re the ones who blew up the 3rd assistant proposal.

It’s not the NCAA. It’s the presidents and AD’s of the universities that have hampered college baseball. They are the ones who vote on the rules/scholarships/number of coaches.

That is the way I see it.

It is a shame. And the kids who do not have the $$ to play are the one’s who are hurt the most. Not to mention the “volunteer” coaches.

I propose that the strong baseball conferences boycott (football & basketball) those who voted against giving teams the 3rd coach.


Whether it is the NCAA, the AD’s, the university President’s…it is still absolutely ridiculous NOT to pay a 3rd assistant and I have always been floored at the limited scholarship crap. I just don’t get it and really hope it changes because it is WAY overdue!!!

I always assumed it was the “non BCS” schools that were against spending more on baseball. Schools like ASU and UALR don’t want to have to spend more money to try to compete. But maybe I was wrong.

Bama baseball can’t get a third assistant while Saban has 16 or as many as he wants at any given time…

Title IX probably enters into this as well. Whatever numbers and dollars you add to baseball would also have to be added to girls’ sport(s). I’d be fine with that, but the smaller universities/colleges would probably be against the new double dollars and numbers.

The original proposal (for the third paid assistant) was for both baseball and softball. It has been said that softball is what kept it from passing. The third assistant is not a Title IX issue, one could be added for baseball without adding one for softball.

Yes, I believe you are right about the coach. I was also referring to the complaints about limited scholarships for baseball in this thread. That’s what I was referencing with “dollars and numbers”, meaning coaches salaries and scholarships. But I was wrong about the coaches salaries. I believe I read some time ago that title IX was based on “opportunity”. There was specific language about college baseball vs softball scholarships. Something to the effect that, because of Title IX’s gender equity opportunity requirements, the number of scholarships were required to be “similar”.

It also stated something to the effect that dollars allocated to or provided by those 2 sports were not a test for gender equity. That’s why I’m sure you are right about adding a coach to baseball.

Title IX doesn’t have anything to do with the 3rd assistant vote. It does, however, serve as a partial explanation for the 11.7 scholarship limit in baseball. Title IX requires schools offer a comparable number of scholarships to both men and women athletes. That’s actual scholarships, not scholarship sports.

Since football, a male only sport, gets 85 scholarships, schools have to make up the difference somewhere. That’s why Arkansas has volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and swimming and diving only for women. Limiting baseball to 11.7 scholarships while letting softball offer more also helps even out the number.

I suspect anyone’s opinion about Title IX is relative. If you see it only in the light of your favorite men’s sport, you probably don’t like it. If you’re the parent of an elite female athlete looking for a college education, you probably think it’s great.

Softball gets 12. Baseball gets 11.7. Big whoop. I bet Courtney Deifel wants more scholarships too. This isn’t Title IX, this is being cheap.

The Big Ten voted against a third coach. I believe the Big Ten had a team in the championship series in Omaha. So did the Big 12, which has been known to be decent in baseball. Their arguments make no sense. If a school can’t afford a third coach, don’t hire one, but don’t punish the schools who can – or the coaches who would be getting a salary for that third position. Allowing a third assistant would also allow even those coaches at cheap schools who remain volunteers to go out and recruit, which is valuable experience for when they get a paid job somewhere.

Title IX, it must be noted, is why the US won its fourth Women’s World Cup yesterday. And it benefitted both sides; the Dutch had a girl who played college soccer for the Ocean Scum.