He's Legit!


He’s got a chance to be very good! Look forward to seeing him next year


He has the motor for sure! I like em the way he plays on both ends and he is a willing passer. The speed of the college game may be a learning wit e for all of the incoming class but man they are talented. Next season will be fun.


Finally get to see Andre Iguodala in a Arkansas uniform…(jmo)


Walsh just might be the best of the lot next year. I’m looking forward to seeing the kid from Ala next year to.


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The 5 stars are good but those 4 stars in the incoming class can ball too! Ford is a heck of a player and a winner. Pinion can flat out shoot the pumpkin!
Me Alabama basketball can flat out do it all too. While Smith, Walsh and Balck get all of the attention it will take the whole entire team to work hard to win and be a great basketball team. There an old saying there is no “ I “ on team!
Together we can win but divided we will fall! I like the entire class. And the portal transfer form Missouri.


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