He's committed elsewhere but

I watched the stream of Arkadelphia @ Harding Academy Friday night in the 4A semifinals. Can’t even remember the kid’s name, but HA has a kicker with a HUGE leg. He was putting kickoffs way out of the end zone and the game winning 31-yard field goal was still rising when it went through the uprights. Reason I bring him up is that the announcers commented several times that he is committed to Mississippi State. The Pirate may have solved his kicking problem (although he did miss an extra point so he wasn’t perfect).

Just looked it up, his name is Kyle Ferrie. However, he’s not listed on their commit list on 247 or Rivals. PWO maybe?

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His pops is a big Bulldog fan.

Arkansas was aware of him and might of moved on him but the kid appeared to be a lock for MSU.

Yeah and I may be wrong don’t we have number one kicker in the nation from last year on our team backing up little?? Well I’m not seeing him on last year or this year’s commitments but I could have sworn we had a five-star kicker committed

Little is going to be a junior so he is here probably 2 more years. Why would we recruit a kicker that won’t be used until 2025?

Ferrie is probably the best prospect in the state. A future pro. Believe his range is around 70 yards for FG.

From what I saw Friday night, at least 60. Not suggesting we recruit him (it’s evidently too late anyway) but I had not heard of this kid until Friday.

Saw him last year and new the timing might not be right. He stands out like a sore thumb. The MSU connect explains the situation.

Patrick Foley entered the transfer portal today - he has been in the Razorbacks program for 2 years.
“Rated a five-star punter by Kohl’s Kicking and a four-and-a-half-star kicker … Ranked the No. 14 punter in the country by Kohl’s Kicking …”

That may be who I’m thinking of.

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