Hernandez and Nance???

Have they both actually been fully evaluated by each service or did some of them just see they had offers and assign them 2 stars sight unseen? I would be pretty surprised if Hernandez at least was not re-evaluated during his senior season.

Nance may have some trouble with the recruiting services with him being over at Gulfport CC Juco.

Honestly can’t say. I would bet if Alabama or Ohio State got a commitment from a supposedly unknown 2-star the kid would’ve been already been reevaluated.

I know the former group we were around have not raked them as of yet

Oddly enough it looks like rivals has moved nance to a three star since I posted my original question…

I was looking and can’t tell on my phone (yeah mobile platforms :-/) because either rivals or scout (they both had him as a two at the time) was still showing him as committed to GATech (I think it was them) so I knew that that had not been updated since 2014.

“reevaluated” or just given 4-5 stars? :wink: