Herman's new assistants

Dallas Morning News reporting this AM that Herman has hired Tim Beck from Ohio State who was at Carrollton RL Turner and Mansfield Summit HS’s and has plenty of recruiting credentials throughout the state.

In addition, he hired Chicago Bears assistant Stan Drayton who recruited Ezekiel Elliott to Ohio State. Beck was a Broyles finalist twice.

It seems like a good idea to hire assistants with Texas ties if you intend to recruit Texas. The heat has now been turned up. Wish we would think along Herman’s line of thinking.

Oklahoma’s emphasis has always been Texas!

All those guys had previously worked with Herman as well. He just went and got the biggest named guys he has worked with.

Yeah, Stoop’s worst nightmare just happened in Austin. The turn around is gonna be pretty quick too, maybe even next year.

Folks will be shocked at the talent Charlie signed in his three classes. If Herman adds a good class that includes some top flight receivers he will challenge Stoops next year for the conference championship.

Won’t like seeing Texas playing well again.

I’m not going to argue against any of that. Recruiting Texas is important. Hiring coaches with Texas ties is important. That was tried in a way. Clay Jennings was clearly a guy with Texas ties. How many do you need? Two or three? I do think having one or two is a good idea. Now, I will say that I’ve seen coaches without Texas ties recruit Texas well for Arkansas. Bobby Allen sure did. So did Jim Washburn. Both worked east Texas in a masterful way. If you can recruit, you can recruit. So I conclude that it’s not as important how many guys you have with Texas ties, it’s how many you put in Texas on a full-time basis.

Clay or Dudley, since nearly all Texas HS teams run some form of the spread offense (and some HUNH), does it hurt Arkansas that it doesn’t? Probably not with RBs – I know we got Whaley and Rawleigh out of Texas. But at other offensive positions? Quarterbacks and receivers in particular?

I think you try to recruit to that as a strength. Obviously, it doesn’t matter on the defensive players. Probably helps you with some offensive players, outside of quarterback. Spread quarterbacks may not want a pro offense, but I still think that is an advantage to be in a pro system for some QBs.