Here's why throwing to backs out of the backfield presents problems to the defense

Yesterday was the first time we really used some of our best weapons on offense and that’s our running backs out in the flats.

This presents big problems to the defense because most running backs out of the backfield are linebackers responsibility but the linebackers are also responsible for short middle drop zones in the pass scheme so it doesn’t take you long to figure out they can’t be in both places at the same time.

That is why you saw every time the backs caught the ball in the flats they had plenty of room to run which made the linebackers have to widen out and it left the middle of the field wide open. That’s why you saw us hit quite a few slants and mini posts, we ran a few slants then we burned them on what is known as a sluggo (slant and go) route to Landers for an easy touchdown.

This needs to be a staple of our offense because our backs are very dangerous with the ball in the open field and it puts the linebackers in a no-win situation you’re going to have to give up something.

I loved our game plan yesterday it will be effective against everybody,We can’t expect it to be as easy as it was against BYU but it will always present problems to any defense because you’re making them tackle in open space and a back on the linebacker usually is an advantage to the running back.


As usual, you nail it. I think we philosophically agree when it comes to creating problems for the opposing defense. Good post Youda.

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I certainly agree with that Youda… I’ve been screaming at the TV over and over about how wide open the back are coming out of the backfield and we just never seem to throw to them. The very few times we did, they have tended to be big plays.

I do not know if its a KJ read thing, or if KJ would rather push the ball down the field on his throws than dump it off, or if the coaching staff just doesn’t push him to that particular route, but its been open a lot this season and rarely ever used. Its a real head scratcher for me to the point I’m almost creating a bald spot.

Still I was very happy to see it a few times yesterday, in fact I think I may have jumped up from my recliner and yelled some sort of expletive in surprise when they actually did it.


It was good to see SP post game comments about also throwing to wideouts over middle. Frustrating to watch this on weekly basis when SEC competition readily does these things. Win was good, will see it they continue to be proactive in using talent they have.

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The wheel route touchdown to Dubinion was beautifully set up because Hazelwood picked the linebacker responsible for getting him which put the safety in a bind of whether to try to go out and get him or stay in the middle it allowed Landers to run a beautiful mini post right in front of him and he would have been wide open for an easy touchdown as well…These are the kind of routes that I think we need to run because it puts defenses in a bind and creates separation for somebody



I loved that part of the game. and it’s possible, since the OL was really giving KJ time. and it helped that KJ looked like he did last season-clearly his best game of this season, BY FAR.

Not only a MUCH needed win, but we did things that give us hope for the rest of the season.


Sure helped not playing an SEC west team, too.

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Did you notice, although no one else has mentioned, use of the TE as a fullback on some plays (as in fullback left, fullback right :smile:)?

Yes Henry got a great block on the counter that Rocket broke for the touchdown . That’s what we used to call the wham block with the TE involved in the counter runs.

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BTW, it is Haselwood, with an “s”. :smiley:


Doesn’t really matter as far as what we were doing presenting problems to the defense. They will have to make decisions that will in turn open up something. Then it will be up to us to make them choose their poison.


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