Here's what appears to be going down

  1. Myron Cunningham

  2. Chibueze Nwanna

26 and 27 private commits.

  1. Sci Martin.

  2. Wild card

You may have already answered this somewhere, but will we know who the private commits are by the early signing date or will they stay a mystery until February?

The majority of these commits will be done during early signing period December 19 through 21st.

What a class, they can flat out recruit

They may not be able to tell us, could be a BIG HINT

Wild card is interesting, RD. Could it be Lakia Henry since Roberson is no longer getting on board and we have a spot? Maybe that JUCO WR Drummond? Give us some options!

It seems that Brooks and Catalon are silent commitments, with Brooks scheduled to announce on 12/13 if memory serves. Catalon has said all along he’s announcing in January, but that could change as the class fills up and the others sign.

There’s still the option of a grad transfer QB as well, but I agree with you 100% - that last spot will be interesting to see who fills it.

My sentiments exactly!

It was thought at one time we might be in danger of losing Myles Brooks. Is he still solid?

Any risk of losing Spivey to grades?

Did we move on from Chris Russell or did our coaches feel he was a Tennessee lean? I really liked him at LB.

I keep hearing that from fans about Spivey, but have not heard anything valid to indicate that is true.

Brooks seems solid.

Myles will sign in Feb.

I haven’t heard anything recently to indicate that on Spivey.

Planning to bring him in Jan. That could obviously be moved up.

This class is so good vs our record I worry we get an abnormal level of surprises on signing days. On the other hand these guys seem to recruit so well I should have more faith.

Analogous to paying taxes. The more you make, the more you pay in taxes. Good problem to have, I guess. Yes, these coaches can really recruit.

Lakia Henry is a good possibility for the 28th spot too. With the numbers so tight, the last spots will be very interesting.

If you’re correct about the four you think (Brooks, Catalon, Henry, Martin), then per Rivals we will finish between 5th and 8th based off their new scoring system. Is that the highest ranked class ever for AR?

Yes, by a wide margin.

A WIDE margin indeed!